Protestor Shouts at Biden -“Stop Touching Kids” – IOTW Report

Protestor Shouts at Biden -“Stop Touching Kids”

22 Comments on Protestor Shouts at Biden -“Stop Touching Kids”

  1. Well there go the plans for his ‘I love kids jumping on my lap’ t shirt sales.

  2. Joe is toast! The question is who’s going to get the Dem nomination. They have no good choices. They are all crazy.

  3. Joe Biden is in deep cow patties. I’ve got to believe that the DNC bigwigs are wishing the were in a different line of work this year. It’s not looking very good for them right now.

  4. I think she’s enjoying it! (The little girl in the main page photo.)

  5. I thought the Donks would never be able to produce a worse Presidential ticket than Mondale-Ferraro. I get the feeling they’re about to prove me wrong.

  6. Look at that crowd! Feel the excitement in the room! Haha! He can barely fill an elementary school lunch room!

  7. “They have no good choices. They are all crazy.”

    That sorta represents Democrats in general.

    Otherwise, they wouldn’t be Democrats.

  8. There are more people in the rest rooms
    at a TRUMP RALLY than that whole crowd.

  9. How did Joe ever miss the opportunity to ride the Lolita express, Or did he? Seems like that would have been irresistible to him.
    Next shoe to drop?

  10. @ gin blossom December 30, 2019 at 6:42 am

    Naw, the women of the Lolita Express were too old for Joe.

  11. gin blossom – they were savy enough to keep Jackass Joe off the Lolita Express cuz they knew he’d strap on his Ray-Bans® and start swaggering and bragging to the world about it the moment he returned!

  12. JOE, challenge him to push-ups.

    WOW, what a crowd. They even opened the bleachers on half of one side!

  13. Biden’s goal: to deposit a booger into the hair of every female he can get close enough to.

  14. Old Crazy Joe needs to arrange for a wrestling match between him and Cornpop at every stop in order to enhance his manhood creds!

  15. A thousand people max in a high school gym. What a tour de force. Tump better bring his “A” game.

  16. Will Turbiit is the protestor. He’s on Auditing America’s youtube channel all the time.

  17. ^^^ Turbitt.

    Not sure who the girl saying “quid pro joe” is.

  18. I dunno bout joe but the gurl in the fuzzy boots has some fittin jeans….

  19. how bad is joe going to get before they scream for hilldog to step in?


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