Protests Preceded Biggest Chicago Murder Wave in Decades


Over 100 homicides made July Chicago’s most violent month in decades, extending the rising tide of crime that, police data show, began at the same time as anti-police protests spawned by the death of George Floyd.

With 105 deaths, July was the city’s deadliest month since 1992, but still only slightly more deadly than June’s 92. The weeks since Floyd’s death, in fact, are some of the most violent in 20 years of official data. more

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  1. A lot of people are calling the Cuomo/deBlasio combination the stupidest governor/big city mayor pairing in the country.
    But I suggest Illinois’s Pritzker/Lightfoot combo might beat them.
    (The contenders are ALL Democrats)

  2. Maybe her goal to get people off welfare is to have them kill each other off?

  3. A political recall is the process by which a public official is removed from office before his or her term is over. The recall process is designed to provide a check on the sovereign power of elected officials. If officials fail to represent the will of their constituency, then the voters have the power to take back their vote through a recall election.,check%20on%20the%20sovereign%20power%20of%20elected%20officials.

  4. There’s recall effort underway here in Nolackaloonies, MT, aimed at removing our extremely loony mayor and two or four additional city commissioners. The effort was launched by intelligent and capable people who know that Nolackaloonies city government can and should do better. They are being greeted by the powers that be with a lawsuit, designed by the City Attorney. And, since the two commissioners in question are manifest uber libtwits (suitable as standins in Portland and Seattle) and the Mayor is an incompetent naturalized immigrant from Liberia, chances are slim that the effort will succeed. But at least Mrs. Confused and I got to sign the petition…


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