Proud Boys leader who burned U.S. flag gets 5 months in jail – Just kidding… it was a BLM flag – IOTW Report

Proud Boys leader who burned U.S. flag gets 5 months in jail – Just kidding… it was a BLM flag

You can burn all the U.S. flags you want. You can yank them out of the ground on private property, you can stand on it, you can wipe your ass on it, but don’t dare disrespect the BLM flag!!

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  1. We’re definitely in either the Soviet Socialist Republic of America or the Fourth Reich.
    That’s an abuse of the judiciary. Lawlessness posing as law.
    “Peoples Courts” were de rigueur in both the USSR and Nazi Germany.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Wow, if it were one of those fruity rainbow fag flags he’d probably been given LIFE without parole!

  3. So sad, tragic even, but opposing a radical, anti-American, marxist communist organization is a “hate” crime, but actually hating America is considered virtuous. The left are vile and evil.

  4. I am sofa king sick and tired of articles claiming that the Proud Boys are far right or extremists or both. Does anyone here know how they were actually “created” on the Compound Media platform? The answer would surprise you, or maybe it wouldn’t.

  5. “Rev. Dr. Ianther Mills, senior pastor of the church, told the judge it was an “act of intimidation and racism” that caused “immeasurable and possibly irreparable harm” on the community.”

    The ABC article failed to mention that Enrique Tarrio is BLACK!!!

  6. He’s a FED. people. This is complete bullshit.
    The Proud Boys were taken over- That’s why Gavin McInness, who helped start the group, quit a while back.

  7. @MJA – If the Proud Boys were taken over by the FIB, then why would Gavin still fund legal fees for their members, at least in part? More importantly, why he would continue to talk about them favorably at all?

  8. Because not all of that group is Feds and Gavin doesn’t seem like the type that pays much attention to things.
    There are still people in there that are normal. lol.

    None of you have to believe me, but Tarrio has been interviewed on msm admitting he worked for FBI. Also, he gets arrested and released a lot. And in other news, he tried to force his baby mama to get an abortion and she resisted…And cops were called then, too.
    Very odd.

    Came back to add: It was apparently a bigger mess than originally thought because even Milo Yiannopoulos made a quick video about adopting the baby so he wouldn’t have to be raised by a subhuman such and such. 😂

  9. But MLB can ban “Trump Won?”

    “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”
    (Dick the Butcher)
    Judges are lawyers, too, aren’t they?
    Just axin.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Please read the article.

    You can burn your own BLM flag.

    You can’t go steal someone else’s stuff, do vandalism, break (dubious) anti-firearms laws. (yeah, yeah, I know… Antifa riots, double standards etc. but this is a different issue).

    This isn’t akin to burning your own American flag, so let’s be accurate.

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