Proud Father Stands Behind His Little Son Giving the Finger To the Police

ht/ c. Steven Tucker

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  1. I wish sometimes the RIGHT played like the LEFT. IF this was say a kid flipping off Obama, the press and Left would stop at nothing to identify him and his father…..wish FOX would do that and let’s help stop this type of Child ABUSE.

  2. Neighbors up around the corner from us — recent transplants from CA — have “Black Lives Matter!” painted on the side of their garage and “Defund SPD (Seattle Police)” painted on the back wall of the garage.

    We live in a nice neighborhood and until just this last two years, I’d never seen political statement signs adorning houses or lawns. It’s just never been that sort of place. But now I’m seeing those stupid BLM signs, “Hate Doesn’t Live Here” signs, and all kinds of stupid signs. Been here — in the same house — for over 40 years and I’ve never seen cuckoo like this in our part of the city. It’s not only offensive, it’s an eyesore.

    I detest it when people just assume everyone around them agrees with their viewpoint.

  3. The little boy is Asian, NOT that makes a dam bit of difference UNLESS his father is a fucking planted Communist, that is it DOES.

    Stop the vid on pause @0:07 you’ll see. Just the haircut alone is a give away, and the ‘father’ has no hair on his arms.

    This may be a communist or Pantifa in training via the CCP..

    Get fucking serious and suspicious of EVERYTHING moving forward my fellwo iOTWers.

    This may seem upsetting to most if not ALL here, what you are seeing is not making sense correct?

    And to those front line LEO’s as well, but this is normal to THEM and that child is just is nothing but shield to a bunch of sick fully masked cowards.

    His son, if that is what he is, is not covered? But the adults is? Why? Is this some sort of tactic?

    I’ll go as far and say that child might be trafficked. Yes, I am at that point in analyzing shit.

    They hate you and I and want us DEAD to further there Utopian Maoist Cultural Revolution sickness, they are about to go full blown on ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

    Ready up.

  4. Daddy needs to read the Bible and learn about thorns and millstones; Fast.
    “And some of the seed fell among thorns; and the thorns sprung up, and choked them.” From The Parable of the Sower.
    “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

  5. Election Day is November 3rd. This nonsense will ratchet up until then. They are trying to draw us into a shooting war until then.

    The next day after Americans repudiate them at the polls there will be tantrums. They’ll bang their spoons on their high chairs.

    If they get more aggressive we’ll take charge.

  6. Brain fart (or flash). Anywhere you see “BLM”, and have access, paint underneath, “Biblical Lives Matter”.
    Of course, don’t get caught.
    Then sit back and watch Libtard heads go ‘splody”.
    Don’t forget the popcorn and libations.

  7. They need to Ty-wrap the little bastard to the fence and when his “daddy” comes to rescue him beat the livin’ shit out of him in front of his evil little spawn as an example!

  8. The father will be so proud when the kid is older and he tells his dad that he is checking into rehab for heroin addiction and that he has AIDS.

  9. ‘They are trying to draw us into a shooting war until then.’

    @PHenry – I AGREE but a bit of a correction there my friend.

    They are trying to draw the POTUS into a Federal response ‘clean up’ operation for failed govs and mayors. That’s ‘whats goin’ on here..’

    When and if THAT fails? Then like you suggested, “If they get more aggressive we’ll take charge.” (But it won’t, the POTUS has this).

    That is correct sir. BUT until then, do not engage until after November. Any one of us could be found in the wrong situation and WE are the ones all of a sudden being arrested for ‘being the violent ones’. This is what the Left is waiting for.

    Just #ReadyUp.


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