‘Proudly Pro-Life’ NJ Senator Casts First Vote Against Funding Planned Parenthood

Breitbart: Newly sworn-in New Jersey State Sen. Michael Testa (R) voted against a budget bill that would spend $9.5 million for family planning services, much of which would fund Planned Parenthood.

A press release at Testa’s office notes the senator was just sworn into office Thursday.

One of his first votes was on the bill in the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee that would grant funding to Planned Parenthood for family planning services.

New Jersey Democrats proposed the state fill the void to replace the federal funding Planned Parenthood voluntarily abandoned when it refused to comply with the Trump administration’s rule that enforces federal law that marks a clear boundary between abortion and family planning.

Planned Parenthood and its political and media allies, however, have spread the narrative the abortion provider was “forced out” of federal Title X grants.

“As the father of three young children, I’m proudly pro-life and don’t believe our tax dollars should be used to support organizations whose primary focus is providing abortions,” said Testa. “Presumably Planned Parenthood would be one of the largest recipients of this funding. While Planned Parenthood doesn’t have any locations in our district, we do have FQHCs [Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers] that serve our residents which would not be impacted by this legislation.”

FQHCs do not provide or refer patients for abortions. read more

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  1. Nancy Pants loves to fund PP but don’t you dare say the word hate around her. She’s Catholic don’t you know?

  2. The Catholic Church not excommunicating proabortion “Catholics” like Sloppy Teeth Pelosi, Greezy Joe Biden, Eyebrows Kane, etc is one of the main reasons I quit the Catholic Church after 55 years. I am a happy Suthren Baptist now.

  3. Mr. Testa just earned points in Heaven.

    A unique, new human life is created at conception so abortion is murder. Science!

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