PSA- Why You Might Not Want To Ride in a Car Like This


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  1. I’ve pulled a few dead bodies from car wrecks, it’s indeed a miracle she survived. Automotive safety features are designed to protect the occupants when they are in an upright position with the seat belts engaged. Please advise your young friends and family to keep this in mind: at sixty miles an hour you are nothing but a delicious soft, squishy projectile surrounded by a thin, crunchy sheet metal shell.

  2. It annoys me to see peoples’ feet when I’m driving on the road.
    The bottom of their feet must bring out the muslim in me. lol

  3. She would have been safer riding with me. If you want to see me get real belligerent, try putting your feet on my dashboard.

  4. I’m surprised car dashboards don’t come with warning labels. Trial lawyers are falling down on the job that they haven’t sued manufacturer yet for passengers doing dumb stuff.

  5. Lost in all of this is that her boyfriend almost killed them both because he was following the vehicle in front of them to close, and/or he was allowing something to distract him.

    If you can’t stop fast enough to avoid ramming the vehicle in front of you if they jump on their brakes, you are either following way to close, not paying attention, or both.

    Only very rarely is it truly a traffic “accident”, there is virtually always negligence involved.

  6. I’m a brake tapper too. If they don’t get the hint, once had a Dodge van, you could hit the emergency brakes and let them off immediately.
    At speed and with no load, you would leave a cloud of smoke but slowing was slight. The look of panic was priceless.
    I miss that van.

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