Psaki Impersonator

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  1. There is no other member of the illegitimate administration that gets on my nerves to the degree this Ginger Goebbels See You Next Tuesday does. Even that despicable little rodent Fauci.

  2. @Anonymous – she only wishes she had the smarts of Goebbels. Goebbels was a marketing and psychological genius, though arguably one of the most horrendous people ever. Psaki cannot answer anything even slightly difficult without doing a “circle back”

  3. All the fucking nerds and losers we new in high school are now controlling our lives. It’s the revenge of the nerds world wide tour. Shit.

  4. @ Anonymous JULY 30, 2021 AT 12:10 PM

    That was me too. Something wrong w/ the site today?? I don’t hide in the shadows and snipe from behind rocks and bushes.

  5. I’m a dude, so I don’t know about women’s fashion.
    Where would someone get a wig like that?
    Why would someone even make a wig that looks like that?

  6. Jethro, it’s included with the raggedy ann halloween costume.

    Might also find it with the fire crotch dominatrix set.


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