Psaki is blatant liar – w/ update

LOL- This was just after psaki’s presser.

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  1. And this is news?!
    I’d be looking for a second (reliable) opinion if she (or anyone in this regime) were to tell me that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

  2. Her job description requires her to answer questions but it doesn’t say they have to be truthful answers. She’s his beard.

  3. Psaki lies because Biden lies. Biden lies because Democrats lie. Democrats lie just because. The MSM lies to protect Democrat lies. The 2020 election was a lie. It’s a big club and you’re not in it.

  4. Her face is caving in. She looks awful.

    (I was able to deduce that after 2.34 seconds of viewing during which I also heard her voice, unfortunately.)

  5. @ General Malaise NOVEMBER 30, 2021 AT 12:11 PM

    She looks like shit. Never has been particularly attractive, but c’mon bitch work it.

  6. And what your excuse, so caught up our ruse, why start telling the truth now, plus it’s against our party oath.


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