Psaki Tells Media Influencers that Russia Hacked Hillary’s Presidential Bid

But Trump’s bid was pristine and on the up and up. “Most secure election of all-time.”

The Blaze-

The White House welcomed popular personalities from the Chinese social media platform TikTok to deliver a briefing on the Russian invasion of Ukraine to the influencers. During the briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki pushed a claim that the 2016 election was “hacked” by Russians.

One of the influencers at the briefing on the war in Ukraine is Ellie Zeiler – an 18-year-old with over 10.5 million followers on TikTok where she typically does dances and makeup tutorials.

“I’m here to relay the information in a more digestible manner to my followers,” Zeiler told the Washington Post. “I would consider myself a White House correspondent for Gen Z.”

During the call with the TikTok influencers, Psaki claimed that Russia “hacked” the 2016 election in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

“If you look back at 2014, and frankly even 2016, when Russia invaded Ukraine and then in 2016, when they, you know, of course, hacked our election here, we did not do that, we did not declassify information,” Psaki told the group of TikTok stars.

Fox News notes, “While Russian hackers were behind the stealing of emails from Democratic officials like John Podesta, there is no evidence that they tampered with election results as part of the 2016 hacking spree.”


8 Comments on Psaki Tells Media Influencers that Russia Hacked Hillary’s Presidential Bid

  1. Russian agents removed and smashed all of Hillary’s hard drives. Those evil red bastards destroyed all of her emails about Chelsea’s wedding plans !!

  2. This is Dementiacrat disinformation. I absolutely hate it when all those Macedonian Content Farmers are forgotten and ignored by the Dementiacrats. Come on, Woman! Give some credit to those technologically adroit Macedonians. They worked closely with all those Russians to defeat the most qualified person to ever run for anything, President Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  3. Ellie makes a living from the oldest profession in the world.

    She sells sex.

    Nothing respectable about her.

    Unfortunately, most men are easy fools in this department.

    Ask any stripper of their opinion of men and you’ll find they hate them because they KNOW the average man is a fool they can depend on to use/abuse and get money out of.

    Wiser men know cute/pretty/sexy isn’t enough for a good man.

    Looks never last. It’s what’s inside that counts.

    She’ll be thrown on the trash pile as soon as she’s not as cute as she is today.

    I had a young hot wife. Learned it was far from what it takes for a lasting relationship. Just a surface-y thing that doesn’t really matter in the long run.

    Her high follower count will be empty at some point because of this.

    Who are you “influencing” at that point, *****?

  4. I heard someone exclaim that it would be a real shame if Psaki got hacked. To pieces. With a cleaver. Live on TV.

  5. If there’s any truth to that, which there’s typically not then the limp, impotent, weak, withered, and powerless Joe Biden had zero influence to stop that and anything else for that matter, including anyone’s war.

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