Psycho Truck Killer

The idiotic anti-Gillespie “truck killer” ad gets even more absurd on a day when a Muslim runs down and kills people in Manhattan.

Short video showing the a$$holishness —>

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  1. If this Latino supremacy group has any brains, and I doubt that they do, they’ll pull the Virginia ad.
    I hope they don’t. Run it chicanos. Run it over and over again.

  2. Yep. I knew the minute I heard of this, when they said ‘unidentified suspect’, that it was either a Muslim or an illegal alien.

    NOT a white guy.

  3. Homos being interviewed about tonights homo/halloween parade are saying its Trumps fault and not all muzlimes are bad, its a lone wolf, etc…

    They are your enemy, no matter what, they hate normal people more than the muzlime filth. They are mentally ill.

  4. I really understand the connection you’re making between the Virginia Hispano nazi ad and today’s events in NYC.

    There is just one stark contrast. The ad has the kid waking up from a nightmare. In NYC there will be people actually waking up to the stark reality that some foreigner actually murdered their kid, husband, wife, father, mother.

    This is no fantasy. It’s an atrocity that actually happened.

  5. Mike Brown is an American Hero, I heard a witness interview on the radio, and the fella was uptalking so hard I thought his little balls were going to pop right out of his mouth. Maybe the stress and drama got the best of him. They asked him to describe the perp, and he dodged. You could tell he was being coy so he wouldn’t be shunned at the next gay pride parade.

  6. BRILLIANT idea to link the two for Virginia voters!!!

    One is the “conceptual” fear (AKA the Democrat LIE vid),
    the other is plain FACT/REALITY.

    Reality wins most of the time.

  7. these assclowns wanted this shit … open borders, sanctuary cities, giving citizen’s money to these moon-god worshipping troglodytes, free housing, free medical, ‘rights’, etc.
    … my only regret is that the DeBlazio family, the Weiner family, the Clinton family, all those NY news whores & ‘entertainers’ were not on that bicycle path


  8. Democrat fantasy vs reality. Just like the antifa fantasies.

    They try and try to paint us as evil masochistic molesters ready to torture and dismember all of america, then reality strikes.

  9. New normal, jihadis killing Americans on our streets, media and left try to convince everyone right wingers are the problem. Just wait until Saturday when the antifa rally’s take place.

  10. Calling him Psycho is a micro-
    aggression! He was just following
    the directions of the Koran, as do all good Muslims. You can take
    it from there.

  11. I understand the mass murderer shouted something during his killing spree. I can’t imagine what it might have been. /s

  12. Im wondering if hes the Tampa serial killer. He comes from Tampa, his build and height look very similar to the guy in the crappy surveillance video TPD released. If those killings stop, its him. There hasnt been one in a few days, I wonder if it corresponds to when the savage left Tampa for NYC.

  13. Within mere minutes of the murders, DeBlazio, and Coumo and the police chief were on the air, saying definitively, that it was a “lone wolf”, that there was “no connection with any terror group”. Bullshit. He is a muslim. Islam IS an international terror group.

  14. @Mike Brown is an American Hero…

    Interesting connection. Sounds like a lead authorities might want to check out. It will be interesting to find out which mosque the demon attended.

  15. It will be interesting to see if this muslim
    PO💩 was able to get in here under the radar while the lefty judges blocked Trump’s travel ban.

    If so, those motherf@c%ers need to be shot on site. 👿

  16. since these latinos are so prophetic the next ad should show a pickup chasing illegals back over the border

  17. I was watching this on FOXNews as info was coming in. It was this might just be a bad driver, to it might just be a nut, then they had info he said Allah Akbar and it was that doesn’t mean it’s a terrorist act, then the info came in he was a middle eastern man and it changed to it sounds like but not confirmed a terrorist attack. I listened and just shook my head, a guy rents a truck, mows people down, yells what all terrorists yell and is middle eastern and yet we can’t confirm it was a terrorist attack. I guess motive was stumping them as well.

    Where are all the gun control people yelling for truck rental control?

  18. “Where are all the gun control people yelling for truck rental control?”

    There’s only one thing that will stop this. Concealed Carry Gun Hands that can get that weapon into play from 7 tenths to one second. There’s a shit load of us/them out here. Give us Nation Wide Carry. We will be more affective than any Law Enforcement Agency. Where ever we go, there we are.

  19. An eye-opener of a press conference — even with the sound off, you could tell that deBlasio and Cuomo were cock-sniffing beta males. The police commish looked like he despised deBlasio – with good reason.

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