Public Groping is Comedy in Hollywood

Saint Jimmy Kimmel was the host. SJW warrior, Sarah Silverman, was in attendance, yucking it up.

Andy Dick simply walked over to Pamela Anderson and groped her. Some may say that she knew he was going to do it, but she acted as if she didn’t want him to do it. So what’s the message being sent by Hollywood?

It’s okay to grope. Nothing happens to you.

Well, years too late, Andy Dick gets called out on groping allegations.

Hey, you guys built him!

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  1. And yet people pay money and wait in lines for the privilege of being in such an audience. And they laugh and applaud.

  2. The most shocking part to me is that Andy Dick publicly
    Gropes females. I guess it’s my harmless gay friend schtik. That dude melted the pointer on my gaynomometer the first time I saw him. I’m

  3. Can’t imagine watching Kimmel. I’d rather be stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with someone’s newlywed in-law, Pajama Boi.

    Silverman. Anderson. Kimmel. The aptly named Dick… who the hell is their viewership? Who actually watches these no-talent drones?

  4. That Dick got run off a set for groping and licking people’s faces. He says its “his thing”. Well, his thing should be getting his ass kicked. You’ve got to be careful though because if you bloody your knuckles on him you could end up with a fatal disease.

  5. Living in LA I never understood the adoration some people have for celebrities. They are not better people and in many cases act atrociously but have always gotten a pass due to their power, beauty and fame.

  6. There is a video of Andy Dick groping Ivanka Trump on Kimmel’s show in 2007. Kimmel and security hauled him off the set. So, Kimmel has trend going and he can’t comment on Harvey.

  7. But, but, but, Andy Dick is a dick sucker, that means that he’s supposed to get a pass. Issac Mizrahi groped Scarlett Johansen’s golden globes at the Golden Globes awards back in 2006 and got a pass too, because of his tendency to suck dicks.

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