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Public Policy Trolling

The Democrat polling firm, Public Policy Polling (PPP) decided it would be great fun to throw in a trick question in its most recent survey of voter presidential candidate preferences.


Subjects were asked if they would support or oppose bombing Agrabah, a fictional city made up by Disney for the movie Aladdin.   The result that PPP wrote up in its press release stated the following:

And 41% of his supporters [Trump] would favor bombing Agrabah to only 9% who are opposed to doing that. Agrabah is the country from Aladdin. Overall 30% of Republican primary voters say they support bombing it to 13% who are opposed. We asked the same question of Democrats, and 36% of them opposed bombing Agrabah to 19% in support.

Seems cut and dry, right? Republicans are dumber than Democrats? At least that’s what one would be lead to believe.

Here’s the full results as given by PP on page 71 of their report.

Some Some
Bomb Agrabah Base Very what Mod what Very
Support / Oppose lib lib con con
Spport 30% 24% 50% 35% 25% 31%
Oppose 13% 45% 10% 16% 12% 11%
Not Sure 57% 31% 39% 49% 63% 58%

Why Lookie What We Got Here!


50 % of Somewhat liberal would bomb Agrabah.

A grand total of 74% Liberals would bomb the place, while only 56% conservative would.

Also look at the results for those Not Sure – 63% Somewhat conservative and 58% Very conservative, while 31% very liberal and 39% somewhat liberal were not sure.


Of course liberal outlets are going with the press release statement today and not checking the numbers themselves. (just Google Agrabah if you want to see the usual suspects).


7 Comments on Public Policy Trolling

  1. I’m sorry, but they will never come up with anything stupider than the video clip of people on the Yale campus signing the petition to repeal the First Amendment. That is now the gold standard of stupidity.

  2. And – How many Yale students was it that signed a petition to do away with the First Amendment ? They don’t have a track record of thinking before acting.

    However, To paraphrase Adm Wm. Bull Halsey, not the brightest Naval commander, but one who was the fastest to steam to a fight with the Japanese.

    “Kill Muslims ! Kill Muslims ! Kill more Muslims !
    The only good Muslim is one that’s been dead for six months. Before we’re through with them, the words of the Koran will only be spoken in hell.”

    That’s the only way to defeat jihadist Muslims – convince them of the truth that if they don’t stop murdering they will surely cease to exist any longer.

    Gen Curtis LeMay had a similar attitude – “I’ll tell you what war is about, you’ve got to kill people, and when you’ve killed enough they stop fighting. ”

    Two men from a generation that knew how to kill the enemy, were willing and anxious to do it, and knew how to win a war. (apparently – the last ones to know this )

  3. Being questioned about bombing anywhere should be an automatic knee jerk reaction “NO” for the majority liberals.

    If PPP wanted to really contrast the lib peaceniks from Conservative war mongers they should have asked about INVADING Agrabah.

    They blew it but giving the cowardly libs the chance to destroy from a distance and cling to the belief that there won’t be any blow back from simply droning the other side and not actually doing what it takes to wipe them out utterly, which is actual war.

  4. the vast majority of polls are nothing more than cherry-picking the data to support one’s position ……. the really stupid people are the ones that actually eat up the crap the poll-takers are shoveling…this one being a perfect example

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