Public school enrollment drops 3% nationally – IOTW Report

Public school enrollment drops 3% nationally

Just The News: The number of students attending public schools during the 2020-2021 academic year fell by roughly 3% compared with the previous year.

The data comes from the National Center for Education Statistics, a federal agency that analyzes education figures.

The 3% drop represents some 1.5 million students according to the preliminary report. A final report will not be available until next spring, according to the NCES. Figures come from reports generated by state departments of education.

There were 51.1 million students enrolled in conventional and public charter schools during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Even more stark is the drop in enrollment among younger students. Preschool enrollment fell by 22%, and preschool and kindergarten enrollment combined dropped 13%.

By contrast, high school enrollment fell by 0.4%. more

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  1. It needs to drop by a hell of a lot more than that. Add a zero and triple it, at least.

  2. Another 63%, and we can start to REALLY take this country back, with some REAL educated kids! 😎

  3. Public schools are government indoctrination centers now, pure and simple. Keep your children as far away from them as you can.

  4. @ecp–

    I fear you are correct. At least the youngest ones aren’t “okayed” for the jabs yet… If/when that happens, it will be a very, very dark day for our country-that-was. As Mary Hatch says, PRAY!

  5. Now that the assholes are starting to force the jab on people, can forcing parents to send their kids to the public indoctrination centers be far behind?

  6. And this compared to failed graduation rates of 25-50% means what?

    Yes, I hope it means home and private schooling…

  7. Watch us become like The Netherlands,Germany,Spain or Sweden.
    I do not put it past the Feral Government to make it illegal to homeschool.
    The way they have the knives out for Christians, I would expect them to destroy private, Christian schools also.
    I’m convinced that there is no low that is too low for the political class.

  8. Hard to tell anything during this shutdown year, it will be interesting to see how the numbers change the next year or two – and how much push there is for school choice.

  9. I mentioned before that my son (17 today) is taking his FIRST Public School English summer course because there are no jobs, driving schools closed for 15 months so far in Toronto, & still no organized sports.

    At the Private school he regularly attends he is a 70% to 85% student depending on what subject. English usually reps about 77-79% for the last 3 years.

    So far in PUBIC school he is averaging 93%.

    Even he is laughing…

    I said I would keep you informed and I will.

    We call it Pubic School because the Toronto District School Board is very concerned about GENDER and RACE rather than your Brain.


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