Public Schools Are Losing Students To “School Choice” Legislation

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If you want to see how parents act when the government stops forcing an educational monopoly on them, look to North Carolina.

Nearly 20 percent of students are attending something other than a traditional public school, where attendance is falling “rapidly,” according to The News & Observer.

The rush toward charter, private and even home schools is largely due to the Republican takeover of the Legislature in 2010.

Lawmakers have since removed the 100-school cap on charter schools (it’s up to 185 as of this fall), created a $4,200 voucher for low-income families and two programs for special-needs kids to get out of public schools (where they are often treated poorly), and even made it easier for non-parent adults to teach homeschoolers.


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  1. Parents are the first teachers children have. Nothing wrong with continuing to teach them throughout their childhood. When I started homeschooling my kids, my own sister said I was “unqualified”. NYS says any parent is qualified to homeschool their own children. Glad to see North Carolina agrees. I have an in-law in NC who plans to homeschool when the kids are school age.

    PS Off-Topic Today is my birthday.

  2. Now we’ll see the educationist establishment lobbying heavily for ever-increasing bureaucratic intrusion to control / hamstring private and charter schools. They won’t give up their child-indoctrination powers without a no-holds-barred fight.

    p.s. Happy Birthday, Zilla!

  3. I pray that this catches on across the nation. Only good things will result. Well, except for teachers unions, the Fed and state DOEs and Fed and state employees. Serves them right for not teaching the three Rs and pushing leftist propaganda and smut.

    The good teachers at public schools need to get jobs at the growing charter and private schools.

  4. Our educational system is a scam designed to make people stupid and to give a bunch of worthless liberals bogus jobs. There is a reason it is watered down to the lowest common demoninator. It is so that they can stretch out curriculums to 12 years that would ordinarily take 3-4 years to learn. INTEGRATION is the key to thinking. Students should only be taught math for the first two years. The principles learned would then be applied to other subjects making them much easier to integrate. Those in charge of education KNOW THIS. That is why subjects are presented in a DISINTEGRATED manner. The result is STUPIDFICATION and the destruction of the ability to CONNECT THE DOTS, the primary characteristics of the liberal mind.

  5. the end result will be a smarter, wiser citizen. Fewer liberals, many more conservatives will be another benefit. NC recognized the need and offered an alternative.

    happy bday Zilla.

  6. The hybrid homeschools, with two days of paid, experienced teachers, weren’t mentioned in the article, but they are making inroads here, too. The feds need to get out of our public schools.

  7. Go, North Carolina! And, just wait until the test scores come in! Wow!

    Trump’s killing the stranglehold do-nothing unions have had, where administrators choreograph “The Dance of the Lemons,” moving the most incompetent teachers from one school to another…. ..instead of firing them.

    Years ago — maybe twenty — the NC educational establishment shut down a private, inner-city school located in the basement of a black church. The kids ran circles around public school students, often two or three grades ahead in math and reading. How did the educational goons do it? They screamed that it was not integrated: all the kids were black.

    That won’t happen in the Trump era. ….Lady in Red

  8. The entire left loses in this scenario and I love it.

    First, low income kids will now be able to get a better education. This will prove the model that vouchers lift the poor out of poverty so the whole argument of “unregulated teachers will harm the poor blacks” is finally defeated.

    Second, it takes away the control and some of the power of the teachers and their union.

    Third, it removes the liberal brainwashing that occurs in public school.

    Fourth, fewer public school kids means fewer unionized teachers and therefore lower union dues which leads to lower union influence.

    Fifth, There’s no administration expenses for homeschooling. One of the biggest factors in the cost of today’s education is the innumerable useless and unneeded administrators who are under-worked and overpaid. This completely eliminates them.

    I don’t have to be Carmac the magnificent (I’m showing my age) to know this will lead to better education and test scores for less money, especially among the blacks and the poor.


    Hard to understand why 17 years after “Common Core/NCLB” parents are pulling kids out of public schools. Seems like only yesterday that Yeb told us he was proud to support his brothers Common Core , and like Barry, when he was President he would also expand it. I remember not the date but Yeb made his proud support of GWB’s Common Core in Fla early ’15; before he changed his Clan Name from Bush to !!!

  10. Ha! We started homeschooling all our kiddos in North Carolina. Homeschooling is the best. It’s not hard to do. It’s year-round. It’s flexible. It’s cheap/free! Our program is simple, too. We simply do the two things that are not allowed in public school:

    1) Improve our brains
    3) Discuss God

    Rock on, homeschoolers!


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