Pucker up, pandemic pension kiss will leave taxpayers feeling sick

Howie Carr:

Call it the Great Hack Heist of 2021.

This could be the biggest money grab ever by the Massachusetts hackerama — and that’s saying something.

I refer to H. 2808, the bill that would enable the state’s hundreds of thousands of payroll patriots, many of whom have only rarely if ever gone to work for more than a year since the Panic began, to grab an extra three years of pension credit for enjoying their year-plus vacations with full pay.

In the Dreaded Private Sector, beginning in March 2020, people were fired, left unemployed for months on end. They got nothing, other than a daily lecture from the idiot governor about their duties to take it and like it.

And if the people in the real world did get to keep their jobs, guess what? They actually had to continue putting in their 40 hours a week, stocking shelves, driving trucks, fixing plumbing, etc.

No “telecommuting” for anyone who had to work with their hands.

The hacks, on the other hand, didn’t have to show up at all, or only occasionally. But now they are the ones who are going to be rewarded by getting their pensions jacked up even further. read more

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  1. What State are the gamblers in Nevada betting on for the opening of volley of Civil War 2.0 in America!???

  2. It doesn’t make any difference, when the commie’s collapse the economy and the dollar a nice pension won’t buy them crap.


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