Puddin’ Pops Can’t Explain Why He Is Letting Covid Through Our Southern Border

Meanwhile, Biden’s blocked our northern border.

8 Comments on Puddin’ Pops Can’t Explain Why He Is Letting Covid Through Our Southern Border

  1. Gotta love Doocy, his network superiors are douches but he at least keeps trying.

    Surprised the Pedo could even retort with that weak sauce about T42, keeping a law is not the same as enforcement of a law, but at least he wasn’t spouting his usual gibberish.

  2. I assume people crossing the northern border might actually vote Republican. That’s why the Biden admin is preventing Cubans from sailing to Florida to escape communism – they’ll vote against any of the Democrat socialists running.

  3. …but no one STOPS him.

    …call him what you will, he’s getting everything he wants and has no serious challenges or threats to himself or whoever’s agenda he’s pushing, seems like the REAL drooling idiots are all us who just pay our taxes and wait patiently to be told when the boxcars are ready for boarding, “for your neighbor’s safety”, of course…

  4. Stolen elections have disastrous consequences. The Supremely Gutless Court is responsible for this catastrophe. What will these gutless cowards do when a Federal Court Case finally makes it before them to throw these millions of lawbreakers out of our country? How many billions of dollars are going to be tossed away rounding up these criminals and flying them to every corner of the globe? Chief Coward Roberts needs to be impeached along with Dementia Joe and Kalamity for this deliberate destruction of our country.

  5. Smells of a phony Covid-19 panic spin loop that will never end. Or other than needing our votes to change as he needs he can’t really care about what happens to Americans much less about America. Steel up and be prepared for the worst that just around the corner.

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