Puddles Covers Stairway To Heaven… or does he?

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  1. you bastard! … I’ll never here this song again w/out listening to these lyrics in my head!

    … not that that’s necessarily a bad thing 😉

    now, excuse me while I go wash my brain out w/ some John Hiatt

  2. Dawn Wells ended up being super rich (and beautiful) because her agent had the foresight to throw a residual clause in her contract. Every time the show airs, she gets a check. And GI has been in reruns for decades.
    I wonder if Puddles owes her for this?

  3. I used to hear a version on Dr. Demento back in the ’80s where they sang the Gilligan lyrics but used the actual Stairway melody. Then, we started putting the Gilligan lyrics to every song using the original song’s melody. Funny as Hell.

  4. i seen this guy open up for alice in chains a few years ago what a nice surprise it was sidenote didn’t led zep pretty much rip off all their music not paying original artists or copyright type stuff i went n checked some tunes like black dog and sure as s&*t they totally copied it for me, i cannot listen to them any longer this was a good job by this guy

  5. Needs more cowbell.

    Someone needs to make a slasher movie with Puddles as the star.
    An all cast clown thriller.

  6. A long time ago, a college radio station played the music from “A Day in the Life” using the lyrics from the theme song of “Green Acres.” I thought I was going to bust a gut laughing. I don’t know who did it, but I’d guess Dr. Demento.

  7. I love Puddles. He got his start on America Got Talent. When Simon saw him, he cringed. Then Puddles sang and the panel was stunned at his voice. I think the guy has a great voice. However, I’m not a fan of his song, but it was still better than listening to the news.

  8. I love Puddles! He has a fun club and touring dates and everything.

    Ever hear his version of Pinball Wizard or Folsom Prison Blues?

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