Puerto Rican Governor Under Fire Amid Multiple Scandals


Protesters are calling for Puerto Rico’s governor to step down. Thousands of demonstrators marched outside Governor Ricardo Rosselo’s mansion in San Juan on Sunday, where they called for his resignation after leaked chat-logs allegedly showed him and multiple high-ranking members of his cabinet using profane and vulgar insults toward other government officials.

On Saturday, the territory’s chief financial officer and secretary of state both resigned amid the scandal. This all comes less than a week after two former high-ranking Puerto Rican officials were arrested by the FBI for allegedly diverting $15.5 million in federal contracts to politically connected consultants.

The island has long been criticized as corrupt by the Trump administration over its alleged mismanagement of disaster funding following Hurricane Maria in 2017.

“You know it’s interesting, Puerto Rico — just so you understand — we gave Puerto Rico $91 billion for the hurricane,” President Trump explained. “That’s the largest amount of money ever given to any state, we’re talking about states and Puerto Rico, little different….so, I think the people of Puerto Rico should really like President Trump.” read more

7 Comments on Puerto Rican Governor Under Fire Amid Multiple Scandals

  1. “The island has long been criticized as corrupt by the Trump administration …….. ”

    Well, it seems Trump has been shown to be right again.

    Wonder what the Democrats will be saying about this.

  2. Gee … socialist … nihilist … latino … hispanic … Demonrat …

    How could it NOT be corrupt?

    $91 Billion for 3.34 Million Puerto Ricans is $27,245.50 EACH!
    Bet none of it filtered below the House of Delegates or whatever “representative” body they have!

    Cut em loose.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I just had a good idea. Hire out and federalize as deputy marshalls the whole islands adult population. They can be guards if they want money. No tickee, no washee.
    Then send all the illegals there for safe keeping
    with the understanding that for every one that escapes
    they lose some payout money. Two birds with one brick.
    Get them to work for their billions in freebies and
    have a perfectly legal detention island to keep
    the invaders from overrunning the rest of the country
    until their trials.

  4. Name one Hispanic country that isn’t corrupt. Yeah I know Puerto Rico is a US territory. We’d be better off cutting them lose. They’re nothing but a floating albatross of debt anchored to US taxpayers.

  5. Up until about 20 years ago, wasn’t there a PR Independence movement? It’s time to bring it back. Back in the days before we had massive illegal immigration, Puerto Rico was a major source of criminals, especially in NYC. Remember West Side Story? Give them independence, and then stop them from emigrating.

  6. Its the whiteness of the patriarchy that is the root of the problem!

    If we can get the white people to stop interfering in their traditional ways, the natives with some guidance from AOC can show the rest of us how its done.
    Some famous guy said this but I can’t recall Who. I think his name was Donald or something.

    $27,000 plus per person. Great way of putting it in perspective.


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