Puerto Rico Police Officer Pleads For Help- Says San Juan Mayor is Corrupt

Puerto Rico Cop Calls U.S. Radio Station Reporting Corrupt Mayor of San Juan and Request For Help…


A very emotional female police officer from Puerto Rico’s police department in Guaynabo calls in to a U.S. spanish speaking radio station to tell listeners what is going on in Puerto Rico.  The police woman is very upset, crying and sobbing often, and shares how the Mayor of San Juan is politicizing the situation and not offering help.

The call and video was recorded September 28th, and highlights the corruption within government within Puerto Rico and the Municipal authority of San Juan. The video is English closed captioned (hit “CC” option) and a transcript is below:


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  1. We keep a month or so of food, two weeks of water, and a hella lotta heavy metal just for times like this.

    We are on the other side of the globe in OUR typhoon alley.

    The last super typhoon, ponsonga was about 175 mph when it tore through the center of the island in 2002.

    Of note, we noticed our house starts whistling at about 100 knot winds. We continued to play with legos in the lamplight as Dolphin passed and wiped Saipan out.

    The government of PR has no excuse whatsoever about the condition of their utilities and infrastructure.

  2. @Reboot. We (family) were there in ’76 when Pamela went over. She was a super-typhoon also. We had water back up in 6 days and power in 13. Lotsa damage but the island was back to roughly normal in 3 weeks. Like you said, PR has no excuse.

  3. F4UCorsair, agreed. Two hurricanes in a row is not the time to learn.

    They need to shitcan the legislature and start again.

  4. Mayor Nagin all over again. This is what happens when a nation enables a culture of dependence. The citizens don’t elect the people most competent at actually governing, they elect those who promise to extract as many goodies from the federal government as they can. Even if they siphon off a large portion for themselves, the citizens that have learned dependency will still vote the criminals into office. Same thing happened in Detroit.

  5. Dianny, don’t be too optimistic; the Leftist Propaganda Machine has a way of deflecting on the turn of a dime centavo.

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