Puerto Rico turns to DOJ to help with drug-fueled violence


FOX: SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Just a half hour from the charming cobblestone streets of Old San Juan loom the boxy World War II-era public housing projects, now home to thousands of residents trapped in a post-Hurricane Maria dystopian nightmare of crime and corruption.

Police appear powerless to stem a spiraling murder rate, donations rarely seem to reach the public and the government’s answer is most often to blame Washington. Families that a year ago enjoyed the trappings of upper middle class huddle indoors with scant food and sporadic power, while armed young men roam the streets enforcing a brutal code borne of social breakdown.

“We are scared, of course, but this is where we live – this is our home now,” said 72-year-old Sebastian Mercado, who moved with his wife Ana to the suburb of Trujillo Alto when their home was destroyed and they were unable to flee the island.

Mercado, a former mathematics tutor, says most of his friends have migrated to the mainland – Florida and New York – to be with family. Now, he spends his days longing for the not-so-distant time when he played dominoes with friends, danced and enjoyed Sunday night dinners of Arroz con gandules – Puerto Rican rice with pigeon peas and pork.

Fear dominates his nights.

“The boys walk around with big guns. The drugs. Too much violence,” he said, shaking his head.

The damage from Maria has led to job losses, foreclosures and an increase in murders, robberies and carjackings. The increasingly vicious nature of attacks adds to the climate of fear.

On Feb. 4, police officers arrested Adriel Carrasquillo-Carmona after he stole a 70-year-old man’s gray 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass. Carrasquillo-Carmona bashed the septuagenarian in the head and body with a sledgehammer multiple times before reaching inside the man’s bloodied pockets to take his cell phone and $800.  more here

17 Comments on Puerto Rico turns to DOJ to help with drug-fueled violence

  1. I should put my glasses on before I read this stuff. I thought it said, “F*CKERS OF HOPE” on the screen shot.

  2. Simple, we we send in the Marines or another task force to help secure the country. All we ask is that we get to declare martial law, relief aid is controlled by American’s and that the Governor purge all the corrupt officials (they know who they are) and that the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, resigns and apologizes to the American people for her lack of management skills and for her treatment of President Trump.

    Not too hard, nothing special……..oh, and we want to be able to blow stuff up on Vieques Island, again.

  3. That’ll help. The DoJ will send people there to harass and arrest basically harmless people; so they can compile stats that make them look effective without having to take any real risks against the dangerous people posing the real problem there. The FBI will find someone inside the most dangerous gang and help him become the island governor.

  4. I thought the DoJ was already investigating all the corruption around hurricane relief. What the heck?!


  5. PR will never become a state, they have no interest in it – they’re happy soaking up Uncle Sugar’s money though. Time to cut them loose.

  6. “most of his friends have migrated to the mainland”

    See? It’s not an invasion. They don’t call it an invasion. So, it’s not.

  7. Don’t help this fuc idiots let them solve their own problems, this people are ungrateful let them kill each other . Time for Puerto Rico to stand up to the corruption and crime.
    This people put stupid people in government to get free shit .

  8. Puerto Rico is a shit hole because Puerto Rico has welfare. No welfare? People learn to take care of themselves. Look at Japan. No welfare except for the truly hopeless. Japan a world class country. Puerto Rico? World class shit hole. Thank you President Johnson.


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