Puerto Zika

Fox News Health: The newest statistics were released a day after the U.S. surgeon general visited Puerto Rico and said he expected 25 percent of people on the island will be infected by Zika by year’s end.


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  1. I had one of those Zeka mosquitos bite me last night. It died from alcholol poisening. Another reason to drink.

  2. Over the last two weeks, the mosquitoes in my area have been amassing significantly. We have had more rain than I can ever remember. Usually by this time of year the grass is brown and crunchy; but my backyard looks like a jungle.

    Trying to mow the lawn almost caused me to overdose on Deep Woods Off. Every ten minutes I had to re-spray or get carried away by them.

    Well, this morning I saw the helicopter that sprays around my neighborhood doing its job. Whew!

  3. What would we do without the surgeon general and WHO to tell us how saris, Ebola and the next plague is going to wipe us out unless we vote for Hillary.

  4. There’s something about this Zika mania that smells to me.

    On Fox Dr. Siegel says this is nothing because Zika mosquitos can’t travel more than a couple of blocks.

    Before the Zika frenzy, articles about microcephaly reported 10,000 cases in the US every year but more in 3rd world countries due to pollutants in water, food, lack of sanitation and genetic disorders.

    The stories about these babies are all related to women who gave birth in the US but came from these 3rd world countries.

    Puerto Rico just declared bankruptcy. Isn’t declaring it a state of emergency because of Zika a great way to airlift money into PR so democrat cronies don’t have to cut back on their lifestyles?

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