Pull Over Land Rover, There’s a New Brit 4×4 In Town – The Grenadier

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One of Britain’s richest men has unveiled his very own new rival to the Land Rover Defender — which he dreamed up down the pub after the iconic 4×4 was axed. More

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  1. From what I hear the Range Rover is made in, now where was that again? Where is it? I don’t remember but they are good at making viruses.

  2. yes, but does it have dual rear-seat dvd players built into the backs of the front seats to keep bored kids entertained (w/ individual bluetoof earbuds, of course)?
    how many cupholders? … can I charge my IPhone? …. what about GPS tracking & Voice Command?
    does it meet the EPA fleet gas mileage standards?
    floor mats? do the back seats fold down?
    can one ‘offroad’ to the local major metropolitan area BLM/Antifa riot ‘mostly peaceful’ protest?
    how much gas mileage can I get going from utopian CHOP to Portlandia?

    never understood the ‘Brit thing’ about how good they were at producing ‘offroad’ vehicles … they had their collective asses handed to them in North Africa during WWII until Rommel got sick just before El Alamain & was recalled back to Germany … the ‘Rat Patrol’ did the rest
    … never produced any decent war vehicles … although they were better than the French & the Italians (who wasn’t?)

    (they did product decent Triumphs & Beezer … & some MG’s)

  3. You know why there is no Brit computer company?
    They can’t figure out how to make it leak oil…

  4. Had both a TR-6 and an MGB, hell to keep tuned, fun to drive.
    That green TR was in a LOT of St. Patrick’s parades.
    I’ll keep my Jeep, thanks.

  5. Tall, with Nice square sides for for getting hit with RPG’s FFS.

    1) Toyota Land Cruiser. The rest are not even close for reliability in the middle of nowhere and Africa

    2) Real Hummer. When they run.

    Also used F-250/350’s have become more popular with the bad guys for several reasons.

    British vehicles are about as reliable as Italian cars except they leak oil rather than catch fire spontaneously.

  6. I learned my lesson about British cars back in the 80’s. Got older and forgot it. In 2012 I bought another British car. It was plagued with electrical and waterpump/thermostat problems. I was reminded not to ever buy British cars again.


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