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A former faculty member at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and current professor at Arizona State University, sent a vulgar email to a conservative political group Tuesday after the organization sent him a reminder to vote in an election.

Professor Joe Skulan sent a vile message to a conservative group Tuesday, according to an email obtained by TheBlaze. (Image source: University of Wisconsin, Madison)

According to the email obtained by TheBlaze, professor Joe Skulan replied to the Americans for Prosperity email by saying, “As soon as you finish wiping Kock [sic] c** off your ass, please take a moment to go f*** yourself.”


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  1. He’s teaching at ASU? Something tells me he will soon get lost and die hunting for the Lost Dutchman’s mine. BooHoo.

  2. I mean like a simple fuck off or go fuck yourself would suffice under normal conditions. Don’t you think Jose?

  3. Dear Joe: You indoctrinated ignorant asshole.

    “As soon as you finish wiping Kock [sic] c** off your ass, please take a moment to go f*** yourself.”

    That kinda of sounds like the guy you voted for for president. Why do I keep having this feeling you got an erection while writing that quote you sick little zombie bastard.

  4. That just lets you know what sort of thoughts go through his mind. It’s pretty obvious he’s not straight.

  5. Given the lies that the American college system is built on, primarily that an increasingly expensive education ensures you a good job and that a majority of the colleges lie about their job placement rates in addition to the quality of the product they sell – when can we start the RICO case?

    This is a protection racket that doesn’t offer much protection but excels at getting young people who have no business getting tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in government backed loans to afford their faulty product.

    Who can say that the views of this bearded cumbucket are different from a majority of the professors we had when we were in college. College is the Mafia for liberals and it shows.

  6. He goes on to refine it more vulgarly! Would remove my kid and $$$ from ASU to protect him from this deranged pervert.

  7. So reading that leads me to believe that the Joe Skulan,


    Is extremely homophobic, if the first way he can think to insult someone, is through insults based on sexual orientation. Especially as Koch’s are pro gay marriage. Now that I think of it, maybe that’s why Joe Skulan

    121 Joyce Dr Lodi, WI

    Reacted in such a violent, anti-gay way, to the inquiry?

  8. That’s mild compared to what happens when you post Conservative positions and Constitutional reasoning on

    If you visit and post please use your name, for if you don’t the libtards will assume it’s me posting.
    Good luck!

  9. What MNHawk said. Maybe GLAAD needs to send him to their reeducation camp. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

  10. Sounds like an S&M devotee wants some one to pound him in the ass and make a deposit. Latent homo.

  11. The Least Interesting Man In the World:

    “I may not always slurp cum, but when I do, I slurp Steyer Jizlager. Stay lefty, my friends.”

  12. If he is was passes for a univerisity level professor, then he is poster boy for why, attending and going into student debt for that 4 year degree is a total waste of time and money.

    Really professor, is that the BEST you can do?

  13. All that gay shaming language. How very un-PC and intolerant of you, professor. You can tell what communists really think of homosexuals when they accuse their enemies of being faggots.

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