Punk Threatening Group of Cops Doesn’t Sound So Tough When They Call His Bluff


A man discovered that there is a limit to the amount of verbal abuse some New York City police officers will take.

In a video posted by NYC Scanner, a man can be seen walking up and down a line of officers, taunting them and threatening to beat some of them up.

“Get your goofy a– out of here,” the protester said to the officers, walking in front of them with his camera rolling.

He then focused on one of the shorter officers.

“I’ll beat the s— out of you, little n—-,” the man yelled.

“N—-, you can’t beat me.”

The agitator then shifted his attention to another officer.

“I’m going to f— with you, poppy,” he jeered. “You can’t beat me. You’re too small.” MORE

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  1. Yelling obscenities is one thing, but physically threatening a LE officer is (or should be) a felony.

  2. Amazing that the only reason this punk is shooting his mouth off is because he trusts the police have the training and the restraint not to pound him into the pavement.

  3. Let’s see. If someone goes up to a group of black men and starts saying he’ll beat the shit out of you n-words, i’m sure the media and the DA would say the group of black men would be ok to beat the shit out of the guy.

    But not the other way around.

    Black ass privilege.

  4. And look at that.
    After the media and the commie leftists and the skoools convince black guys they are entitled and can get away with anything they want, oops! Guess not!

  5. A threat deserves a response. PERIOD.

    Back in MD a bunch of years ago a guy in a bar told the bartender that he was gonna go home, get his gun, and kill him (the bartender).
    The bartender told him that if he brought a gun in his bar, he’s shove it up his ass.

    The guy went home, got his gun, came back, and shot the bartender 6 times, killing him.

    If someone threatens you bodily harm, you should disable him (or her or it) as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

    Threats aren’t jokes – nothing funny about it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. If that guy said the same thing to a woman, whether he knew her or not, he would be in jail.

    Next time you’re in trouble on the highway or getting harassed, have a woman call 911 or AAA, whatever the case may be. They’ll get there quicker.
    [Your state may vary] lol.

  7. MJA,

    “If that guy said the same thing to a woman, whether he knew her or not, he would be in jail.”

    Or, he’d be dead where he stood!

  8. …I was on many scenes in company with our officers, usually due to some hideous and pointless violence, where I felt that it was a good thing I had a rescue holster and not the gun kind.

    Because I’d be in jail for murder now if I had a pistol.

    It’s not just the personal crap that police have to put up with, it’s the crap they see and have to gather evidence for instead of handing out summary judgement that’s the TRUE measure of those men and women. Respect for Rule of Law is paramount to snap judgement and snappier executions or we have no law at all, and they know that. The law must at times move slowly to protect the innocent, even when it’s the very innocent that have been assailed, and handing out Death is one mistake you can’t unmake if you find you didn’t have all the facts later.

    “I do not feel any pity for Gollum. He deserves death.”

    “Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends”
    -JRR Tolkien, “The Fellowship of the Ring”

    …we all deserve death, one way or another, so we need to be real sure about handing it out summarily.

    As LEO is.

    God Bless them, few others do…

  9. the only people more cowardly than the “protestor” taunting the cops are the politicians who issue the stand down orders to the cops.

    the politicians should be out there with the cops.

    this shit would never have gone down!

  10. That was priceless! The dumba** was baited by the cops to just get close enough.
    The idiot talked and walked his way into a well earned felony assault charge. Sweet!


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