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‘Pure Blood’ Women Say No to Vaxxed Men

American Thinker

Ask any single woman about the ease of dating in today’s world and they will most certainly roll their eyes and groan. As a single woman myself, I can vouch for how tough the dating climate is for every one of us. But unvaccinated, single women now have it that much harder. The reason? The decision as to whether or not they will date vaccinated men is now on the table. And I can tell you first-hand, which has nothing to do with the viability of the candidates, themselves, as rich and interesting prospects, but rather “sex” to put it bluntly.  

The overriding concern that the harmful effects of this vaccine may, ultimately, enter these women once the raincoat comes off. More

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  1. It’s not just single wimmin either. Single guys that may want a family someday better be thinking about whether or not a potential mate will even be able to carry a healthy baby to full term.

  2. “rich and interesting prospects” ???

    Wouldn’t such “prospects” be less likely to be vaxxed to begin with?

    Hey, ladies, when was the last time you met a “rich and interesting” man that was vaccinated? If you did, I’m betting you discovered he was a Liberal jackwagon.

  3. I’ll add ‘pure blood’ to my dating profile to see if that might equalize my less attractive qualities…as they might be perceived….

  4. …Ladies, I’ll see Loco’s 6 pack and offer a 30 pack with a HIGH HO SILVER attitude….

    Compare avatars…BEER DRINKIN’ GOAT or a teenie chihuahua with a teenie sombrero….

  5. I’m on the express train to Cootville – the station is coming into view. I’m no catch, Vaxx or no Vaxx, although I did stay at a Holiday Inn in 1997.

  6. Six-pac of instant Margarita bottles?

    Alright ladies,
    General here, straight white male, unvaxxed (except for small pox, measles, mumps, rubella, diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio and hard booze), Aquarius, visible signs of gray hair, muscles slowly disappearing, retired, used to do some kind of engineering, brain intact (I think), and I garden and bake. Anyway…

  7. I’ll throw my hat in the unvaxxed ring. as far as abs go, I don’t have a six pack I have a pony keg, I’m antisocial, hate crowds, half deaf, and generally a grumpy asshole. I’m pure blood all American and loyal to a fault. so while I won’t be arm candy at the yacht club, I’m great in the kitchen and better in the bedroom. also I’m not as old as the guys above and look at least 10 years younger than I am. all this could be yours, don’t be shy ladies.

  8. Where are all the single ladies tonight?! Look at this smorgasbord of pure blood single conservative men here!


  9. Agreed Cowgirl!

    “All the single ladies”
    “All the single ladies”
    I can hear Be-Once singing now…

    “*Better put a ring on it…”

    *Or at least a Trojan Extra-Stimmy-For-Her-Pleasure

  10. Too bad I’m not single.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  11. It’s not just sperm, saliva, and dead babies that are a consideration. It’s also the fact that the vaccinated gave into the propaganda that their keepers dished out.

  12. I’m thinking that the American Red Cross….
    needs to classify and label their blood donations….
    by type and vaxx status now….

    I don’t want vaxxed blood transfusions.

  13. So? They’re donning burqas and putting the (physical) beat down to all “waves” of feminiusm?

    No?… Just another whining witch fest?

    Carry on.

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