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Pure Evil: Dentists sentenced to prison over thousands of needless root canals

Just the News: Father-son team damaged hundreds of patients’ teeth in order to install expensive bridges.

A French father-son dentist team was sentenced this week to a combined 13 years in jail over their practice of fraudulently drilling root canals in patients’ teeth in order to steer them toward expensive bridges and dental equpiment. 

Lionel and Carnot Guedj will serve eight and five years in prison, respectively, for their scheme that left many of their patients unable to smile and in “unbearable pain,” presiding judge Celine Ballerini said in the proceedings.  more

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  1. I practiced general dentistry for 30 years. I quit because Insurance, Banking and Government are the worst crime syndicates that ever walked this planet. They are protected racket/monopolies sanctioned by special legislation.

    But there was a dentist down the street who did this same thing to make bucks for the Scientologists who pretended they were practice management gurus. And then there is the “Church” Of Later Day Saints……..

  2. Main squeeze raised in a family obsessed with hygiene. At 18 she was hired at a Dental school. So she knew what to do. Gave up her job to become a mommy. Twelve years later her dentist sent her to a shyster who specialized in problems below the gums who convinced her she needed massive attention right effin now. She fell for it. Pain was horrible, lasted days. Word spread. State investigated. A year later the root guy and her dentist were pointing fingers at each other. Subject made the papers. Dozens of victims came forward pointing fingers at both dentists. A year later both dentists were divorced, bankrupt, and working the drive-up window at McDonalds in other states.

  3. Ran into lovely, sweet as can be nurse behind us whose hubster is a Dentist. “Saw a FOR SALE sign in your yard. Where ya’ goin?” “I dunno. Suing my husband for malpractice.” “Malpractice, no shit? What did he do?” “I found out he’s been filling the wrong cavities for Years.”

  4. We had an endodontist in town that regularly didn’t finish root canals. He did one on me and years later I found that he went right through the end of root. That tooth never gave me anything but trouble. They finally caught up with him, he got a big fine and lost his license for a while. He’s back in business now.

  5. Neighbor was a most Holy, accomplished, self-made man. Ethical, principled, highly respected. Asked to join Board of Dental Examiners. Accepted position. Didn’t last long, couldn’t take it. Never told anyone why, just resigned from the Board. People asked him why. Never spoke a word, just shook his head ‘no.’

  6. There are studies that show that root canals are the reason for many diseases. Once the root canal is done and sealed, they say the germs are in there and work their way throughout the body and can even cause cancer and heart problems. The only way to get rid of the problem is to pull the tooth.

  7. When I was 16 or so our family Dentist retired and some maggots moved into his practice. The new maggots waited until I was no longer under my parent’s insurance and told me I had 2000 dollars worth of cavities. I was a 6 dollar an hour plumber at the time and told them I didn’t have 2000 dollars… they were more than happy to try to have me sign a payment plan. They were too eager.

    I never saw them again, and now being closer to 50 than 40 I’ve not had any cavities that any other Dentist could find.

    I think the point is you don’t have to cheat to make money. That dentist was a cheating lying shitbag… just like so many vehicle mechanics, politicians, lawyers, and other scum of the earth.

    Honest mechanics have to turn away work. Greedy dentists have to make work… which is absurd because nearly everybody has or had teeth.

  8. I’m a practicing general Dentist. Been at it 34 years, and am closing in on retirement. I sleep well at night knowing I do a good job. There’s no reason to cheat if you run a quality treatment and quality customer service organization. I’m not the richest guy, but I sleep well. I won’t turn this into a sermon, but as a Christian I work for a much more important boss than the patient, state board, or malpractice courts.


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