Pure Michigan

Hilarious and well-made video about… well, take a look.

ht/ annie girl

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  1. Whooda ever thought that mediocrity and heartbreaking letdown could be so welcome in your life.

    Of course, the Lions will probably fuck that up and win the Super Bowl*

    *don’t know what the asterisk will say yet, but trust me there will be one.

  2. Take heart Michiganers because the Viqueens suck just as bad.
    There is only ONE Mecca in the midwest and it’s in Green Bay.

  3. @AA
    “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

    Pave paradise and put up an NFL stadium…

    Fake corona virus, and put up a crappy NFL team

  4. I was already done with Pro Sports…But now, My former Team, the Vikings,

    Are having a George Flawed Day….Fnfl..

    I was on the Beach in Morehead City NC on Sunday taking bad pics for My Racing

    website..and one of My oldest Friends Texted Me about the Scores for the Day

    I informed Him I no longer give a shit about any of that…

  5. Do you think that the Lions are so pathetic they might actually take a chance on Krapperdink? Nah, nobody’s that desperate including the Lions, the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bungles and the rest of the sucky NFL teams desperately trying to win a Super Bowl.

  6. “There is only ONE Mecca in the midwest (sic) and it’s in Green Bay”. Lambeau is everything it’s hyped-up to be. Walking through the neighborhood to the south of the stadium from your car rounding a corner to see this is more than magical. But many Packer players have gone beyond desecrating that shrine. I wouldn’t watch another game on TV or in person if you paid for a luxury box. Screw the players and the Packers organization.

  7. Ditto for the Utah Jazz NBA.
    So close……yet so far away.
    Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.


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