Put Brad Garrett on the List of Celebs to Relegate to the Ash Heap of Dopey Progressives

What a giant dope.

Brad Garrett, the big brother in Everyone Loves Raymond, tweeted this —>

Sounds like the typical charge from the typical leftist, no?

Have you seen the perp in this crime?

BEHOLD, the Trump voter—>

Avoid this idiot’s comedy club in Vegas. He’ll get a close-up view of how capitalism works.

Cher, and a lot of other leftwing celebs, also tweeted out their knee jerk reaction, only to be made to look like imbeciles.

(You’ll have to report back what Cher says in her Twitter feed about this. I’ve been blocked by her for 5 or 6 years now.)

And remember folks, this wasn’t a hate crime or racism, because blacks can’t be racist!!!


17 Comments on Put Brad Garrett on the List of Celebs to Relegate to the Ash Heap of Dopey Progressives

  1. Blacks are the worst racist. They even discriminate against other blacks over intensity of blackness, called a paper bag test.

  2. Leftists who read the news, but don’t write it, are not aware that race is never mentioned if the perp is nonwhite. Never. Just like when Comey was fired, they’ll always need somebody to tell them whether to clap or boo. Or just keep their damned mouths shut for a minute.

  3. Garret was just letting those that hire out part bits he is still alive and needs work.

    Will it work? I won’t watch anything he is in ever again. He should have just stuck to repeating the words written for him to say by someone else.

  4. Not Everybody Loves Raymond.

    I couldn’t stand that show, and didn’t like any of the ‘actors’ in it.

  5. Well there goes another celebrity who used to be funny but thought he’d be more relevant opening his big mouth and ruin it for everyone.

  6. Another nepotistically-privileged employed no-talent. When you are so self-loathing or untalented not to use your REAL name, (John Lebowitz – Jon Stewart, Caryn Elaine Johnson – Whoopie Goldberg, Brad Garrett – Brad H. Gerstenfeld) the list is long and the tell tale sign is presenting yourself by 2 first names. He must have some book, movie, sitcom coming up. At least he has not used it to trash the president like all the other has-been do.

  7. I was on TwittsRUs for all of three months before I was locked out. Had to experience it for myself.

    It’s a sewer populated with narcissistic ignoramuses and commies like him, and Cher whose beautiful daughter mutilated her womanjunk and turned into a cigar-chomping fat mutilated lesbian with her mother’s blessing. A sewer of freaks and mutants.

  8. I’m sure BG & Cher had nothing to say about crazy Maxine Troubled Waters’ promotion of harassment & violent attacks on Trump’s staff and supporters. Oh wait, otoh they probably support it.


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