Putin and friends seize the international role that Obama relinquished

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Darrell Issa-

For every nuanced policy argument over isolationism versus interventionism, the unavoidable truth — however unpleasant it may be — is this: If the United States is not the world’s foremost power, someone else will be. And the story of the Obama administration’s foreign policy doctrine consists of example after example of President Obama choosing to disengage from the rest of the world, leaving behind a power vacuum that various bad actors have been more than eager to fill. His latest foreign policy initiative, a deal to lift sanctions against Iran in exchange for a pause in their nuclear weapons development, is no exception and spells bad news for America and her allies.

The first six months of Mr. Obama’s presidency were spent circling the globe on an apology tour seeking forgiveness for the “darker period in our history,” throughout which “America has shown arrogance” and gone “off course” by “sacrificing [our] values.” During this same time, he dispatched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Geneva with a bright, red “reset” button to make peace with the Russians, quickly caving to their demands by canceling our missile defense system in Eastern Europe. This betrayal of our allies in pursuit of finding common ground with an obvious adversary would be a harbinger of things to come. It wouldn’t take long before the administration announced its “pivot” to Asia, making official what the world had long suspected: America no longer had an interest in Europe or the Middle East.


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  1. What goes around comes around. Obama and friends seized the Congressional role that the GOPe relinquished.

    So I guess now we get to hear Obama whine like a RINO about how bad the Russians are, but he’s really powerless to stop them. Unless we give him more power.

  2. How convenient for Comrade Putin that due to Comrade Commander-in-Chief’s military policies, the US Navy does not have enough aircraft carriers to keep one on station in the Persian Gulf at this crucial stage of strategic moment.

    As Navy Times reports: “When the carrier Theodore Roosevelt leaves the Persian Gulf this fall, U.S. Central Command will be without a flattop for as long as two months even as airstrikes continue against the so-called Islamic State militants.”

    The USA in a decadent & emasculated state. There is a need for a hero to appear. Humans have a strong instinctual revulsion to being ruled over by sniveling curs.

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