Putin Calls Sarah Palin

Palin participates in Jimmy Fallon skit-

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  1. Jimmy Fallon is going to be booted from the liberal nutjob club if he keeps this up. Having Sarah Palin on, making a joke about Obama’s mom jeans. He’s one step away from being labeled a right wing kook.

  2. I was flipping channels last night and came upon Fallon before this skit. He announced the skit in a way that I thought it would be a Palin look-alike.
    I almost changed the channel. I glad I didn’t. She did a fantastic job.
    Right after Fallon took over the Tonight Show he was a big shill for Obama so I don’t really watch him anymore. It is very surprising that these comics still carry the water for that asshole.

  3. Maybe Fallon took note of Leno’s surge in popularity once he starting skewering Obama toward the end of his run as host. Will we see more?

    Either way, that was funny skit.

  4. The left won’t take her serious if she keeps seeking the lime light. She needs to stay off all tv. Unless of course she is done running. Then who cares.
    Didn’t she learn what the deal is from Katy Couric.

  5. @Stop. Screw what the left thinks.
    I seem to remember a certain O’preezy going on the Fallon show prior to getting elected.

  6. Your kidding right?
    Of course a liberal can go on a liberal show. What’s the worst that will happen. An hour of soft ball questions.
    This is what liberals do. They set the republican up thinking there is nothing to fear and then pow.
    What magazines do you read? Knowing she is a hick from Alaska and does not read time or newsweek.
    Stay off tv. It’s the best bet. TV is run by liberals for liberals.

  7. As Breitbart always said, “pop culture is upstream of politics.” Sarah is trying to infiltrate the lib monopoly on the media w/ her & her families shows & all american pastimes (Amazing America, Stars Earns Stripes, SP’s Alaska, Bristol in DWTS, Todd as IronDog snowmachine extreme racing champ.) While the RINOs keep hoping another stale Bush/Christi will attract voters, Palin as a one-man walking American flag, is way ahead of the curve on getting America right & restored. You can’t fake authenticity & the nonestablishment conservatives know it. Palin is politically savy, to boot.

  8. You are correct @Stop.
    Palin should only communicate through Pony-Express and Morse-code.
    Now excuse me while I go cower in my closet so as not to offend a liberal thought policeman.

  9. @Stop –
    “…Knowing she is a hick from Alaska and does not read time or newsweek…”

    Is this a joke? I can’t tell where you are coming from, but I’m going to assume that you are a liberal troll.

    Your ignorance is shining brightly. Good luck revivng that worn out meme.

    If you didn’t notice in the skit, Fallon just told his lefty audience that Sarah made Obumphuk look like a fool, by predicting what their boy, Oblowme, completely dismissed.

    So who’s the dumb hick?

  10. FJP asks: “Has she had some face work done?”

    No, but she’s lost a LOT of weight. I actually got to meet her last month (eat your hearts out), and was shocked at how skinny she has become.

  11. Obviously one of his writers checks Drudge… it was pretty much their exclusive flashback that Palin predicted Putin’s actions.

    Also, I am shocked at how few of boos she got from a crowd of yankee group-thinkers. I guess the little light said “clap” and so they did.

  12. @snopercod, I am jealous!
    She is a runner. Perhaps she is training for a marathon. She turned 50 in February and may be needing a challenge?

  13. Fallon knows the political tide is turning and wants to avoid the tsunami that will bring vengeful payback for Obama ass licking.


  14. When it comes to designing a populist presentation of any sort like a late-night show maybe it would be prudent to follow the South Park example… go after everyone, be an equal opportunity offender so it’s hard to be forced into one side or the other in the sociopolitical schism.

  15. Sorry about not towing the line. I’ve been on this site for years.
    I’m not a troll. I just understand how liberals minds work.
    The left wants to prove she is a hick from Alaska. They believe if you don’t read liberal publications you are a hick.
    That’s why K C asked her about what magazines she reads.
    I believe Palin is done with politics.
    The left ripped her apart using Alinsky methods.
    They always do.
    Again sorry for not spewing right of center thoughts.
    No I’m not a troll. No I’m not stupid. Ive just been around longer then most people and I see things most people don’t.

  16. @Stop – I must say that I didn’t know what you were refering to with the initials, K C, and something about magazines. So I googled it.

    A Katie Couric interview in 2008? Really? You’re still holding on to an interview that is over five years old?

    I watched it, and quite frankly Sarah made “K C” look rather foolish for trying to make her look like a “hick”.

    Here it is for others to see and decide for themselves. Oh, and I believe even more now, that you’re a liberal troll.


  17. That little gem was just one thing. Very minor but add it and other big mistakes. cost the election.
    I talked my wife and friends into sending palins campaign 1000 of dollars. She blew it big time. Her problem was the liberal media kept ripping her a new one and she kept coming back again and again.
    I think she will not run again. I will not give her a dime. But. I would vote for her in a heartbeat.
    Sorry to piss on your delusions of her running and winning but I think she is done.
    I hope that proved to you I am a troll. A conservative republican could never make a comment like that. No way.
    I’m. Sorry I’m sick and tired of the Palin Dog and pony show.

  18. Sarah is the ultimate happy warrior. Fallon drew a major contrast between Preezy MomJeans vs the Mama Grizzly. She showed she could laugh at herself (unlike O’thinskin), and the crowd loved her. Reminds you of Ronaldus Magnus, doesn’t she?

    She even showed she had the discipline necessary to learn to play a musical instrument, unlike Barry, who only plays the skin flute.

  19. @bitterclinger – very good points – right on.

    p.s. glad to see that you’ve gotten over your creepy tea making phase. 😉

  20. Bitter,
    Dead on. This skit really worked, and it highlighted Sarah’s foresight that makes Barky look like the amateur that he is.

    We are not worthy, Bro. Jealous doesn’t begin to describe it.

    “Palin should only communicate through Pony-Express and Morse-code.” Direct hit! LMAO!!!

  21. Yes @Loco: she is just naturally beautiful.
    50 years old and still kickin ass!

    However, The above statement is not mutually exclusive from FJP’s

    FJP asks: “Has she had some face work done?”

    My 8 year old has more wrinkles on her forehead when she raises her eyebrows…..just sayin.

  22. Much better than that “Between 2 Ferns” crap with Obumbles and Grizzly Adams from “The Hanover”

  23. Bitterclinger- Finally! someone got around to flautist humor. The opportunities were just too good to ignore.

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