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Putin Offers Help For “Triggered” Obama, Dems.

MOSCOW, Russia (WORLD NEWS BUREAU) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to send help to President Obama and other Democrats triggered by their party’s epic election losses.

Putin made the offer during an interview on Russia TV Friday morning. “As you know, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other American Democrats continue to falsely blame us, as well as numerous others for their humiliating loss to Mr. Trump. In America these days being upset about something is called “being triggered” and it has become an epidemic requiring “safe spaces” and therapy to calm those so afflicted.  more

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  1. Do not worry. I personally called Mr. Putin and told him to cut it out.

    I am off to Hawaii for vacation. Direct any issues to Mr. Biden.

  2. When I come back from vacation, I’ll have more flexibility, and I’m going to sent Vlad a strong letter of disapproval for the way he treated me while I was out from behind my desk in the oval office.
    I’m going to tell him, again, to cut the shit out.

  3. “I have authorized the transfer to Washington DC of 10 trained Russian therapy dogs, one metric ton of modeling clay, and a large quantity of soft, fuzzy sweaters for distribution to President Obama and others in his party.”
    Better throw in a few hundred binkies, too.

    Way to go, Scooter !!

  4. That is funny right there.

    Barry – The only one in America with the word “President” attached to their name in some form that Putin really did offer help to.

  5. Clean it up a bit and “leak” it to CNN and it would be on the noon news and then quoted at the afternoon press briefing with that poodle Josh Earnest. Clinton and Podesta would use it as another example of Russian interference. Dumb F*ckers.

  6. “Fake but accurate.” – Dan Blather
    If they keep this up we will have to reopen all the asylums Carter closed.

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