Putin Says Hillary Received 400 Million Dollars in Illegal Russian Money

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  1. I guess they figured since all the Chinese channels were used up, it was time to get some $$$$ from Russia. I also like Putin’s deal with Mueller. We have an act that says you and your staff can come over here and question everybody you have indicted. In return, I’d like to question Mr. Prowder who illegally removed 1 1/2 billion from Russia and gave $400 million to Hillary campaign.

    Brilliant! No wonder the Democrats were frantically trying to get Trump to cancel this meeting. Now only if we had an AG that would investigate this alleged crime that would be great.

  2. I got pissed when that asshole reporter asked Putin if he had any dirt on the President. What a piece of crap.
    I hope they finally nail hillary.

  3. Hillary, Trump knows which team he’s playing for? What we want to know is what Russia was paying your team for.

  4. I heard Rush talking about the latest Fake News: When Trump jokingly asked if Russia could find Hillary’s missing emails, THE RUSSIANS BEGAN HACKING THE DEMS JUST MINUTES LATER!

    Vox, CNN, NYT et al, desperately tried to tie that bullshit to the sham indictments of Russians on Friday. But Vox had to tell the truth eventually…

    “To be clear, the Russian hacking of people close to Clinton didn’t start on July 27, 2016, when Trump stood before the whole world and said he hoped Russia would “find the 30,000 emails that are missing … I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

    “Emails from the Democratic National Committee had already been hacked and leaked, and we would later learn that Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s email account had already been compromised. As Vox’s Andrew Prokop has previously explained, the email phishing expeditions against Democrats were already well underway by March 2016.”

    Not linking Fake News.

  5. 400 million probably went to a PAC, then funneled to or directly spent by Hillary Campaign. Legal for a Democrat.
    Russians helping Trump?
    CNN didn’t lose the satellite feed while this was being said?


  6. The USA Democrat party is owned by
    George Soros
    And has been for more than ten years.

    Schmuck Chomper, Dickie Durbin, Lousy Puhlousy,
    Stenny Hoyer, O’Bama the magnificent,
    The slippery Clintons

    All cheap shills and puppets for
    Gyorgy Schwartz.

  7. As an act of “Good Faith”, President Trump should round up Powder, send him to Russia for questioning, where he can’t plead the 5th & include people he can trust to accurately record, transcribe, & factually report the proceedings, so the Progressive media & politicians will find it impossible to spin it to suit their needs.

  8. Please break this case wide open Mr. Trump. I’d like to see Shrillary locked up for the rest of her life. Sit a pile of money just outside her cell. Close enough for her to see, far enough away that she can’t get her grubby hands on it. That would be pure torture for her. Heh

  9. Or take all the $ from the Clinton Foundation as ill-gotten gains, like they would with drug money, and use it to pay off the deficit the Dems have wantonly incurred, or use it to set up a fund for veterans and their families.

  10. The left has so many people entrenched in the Washington Swamp that this story is going nowhere. The MSM is owned by the Swamp creatures so it will never see the light of print so this news will die on the vine.

  11. $400 million is a shitload of money to hide. Where’d it all go? That’s a drug cartel volume of cash. Funny how the country is flooded with heroin now. Wonder what cut of that the Russian mobsters get?

  12. BTW, I’m not looking forward to witnessing AG Sessions do a whole lot of JACK FUCKING SHIT about this illegal cash… because… RUSSIAN PHISHING IS WAR!!!!

    Fuck you democrats and dirty republicans. You’re all total shit sub-humanity… every one of you.

  13. If only commie Browder hadn’t renounced his US citizenship for UK, Trump could make a two-fer with Putin and ship Soros and Browder in exchange for the dirty dozen.

    While he’s at it, transport Gulen back to Turkey and let’s begin to mend that relationship.

  14. Putin called out Soros, too. Sad when a foreign leader has more integrity than most of our elected representatives.

  15. This guy browder, is the grandson of earl browder.
    “Earl Russell Browder (May 20, 1891 – June 27, 1973) was an American political activist and leader of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). Browder is best remembered as the General Secretary of the CPUSA during the 1930s and first half of the 1940s.”
    well, what do you know- another dnc/communist association.


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