Putin visits occupied Mariupol days after warrant issued for his arrest – IOTW Report

Putin visits occupied Mariupol days after warrant issued for his arrest

JTN:Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise visit Sunday to Mariupol, a Ukrainian port city his troops captured in a long, devastating siege, in a defiant move two days after the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest. more

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  1. Putin – isn’t our friend.
    Zelenskyy – is a Corrupt Puppet.
    Biden – is WORSE than Both.
    Xi – is getting Nuts Squeezed Economically & Militarily

    Great Times

  2. Fire storms come in different colors and shades same as a bar fight. I have a feeling Russia’s will be bright red and not worried about pronouns.

  3. Love this bit of sh*tlib sh*tweaselry in the article …

    “No word on whether he visited some building where 600 “Ukrainians” These people think they’re so clever

    Well, of course there’s “no word” on something that is a patently false figment of the Ukrogandish imagination that would be laughed out of any kangaroo press room on the planet

    I was taken in at first by the “current thing” about Ukraine and Russia’s “brutal” invasion. Then I saw a link on Gerard Vanderleun’s (God rest his soul) blog about some videos by a former Navy vet named Patrick Lancaster, who married a Russian devotchka and who now lives near Mariupol.

    And every one of his videos completely inverted the narrative. It was Ukrainians shooting civilians and occupying schools and hospitals. And the only thing the actual Russian troops were doing is delivering relief supplies to the civilians. Meanwhile the actual house to house fighting was done by Chechens. You can tell by their long scraggly beards and how they would call the Ukrainians “Shaitans” Thats the Islamic word for devil

    And unlike the sh*tlib scum who simply parroted ridiculous Ukro talking points, Patrick actually put himself within sniper range to get his story. A couple of times, the Chechens warned him to get back or he could get shot

  4. The stupid lying Liars of the Collective West falsely accuse Putin of what they are guilty of and he’s supposed to run scared?

    Just like Trump,
    who survived 2 Impeachments, a myriad of tax fraud FALSE allegations, and threats from a worthless and ridiculously fake Justice System
    is supposed to fear them and stand down?!!!

    Yeah Peach FowteeFie like Maxine Waters says, because she is a venerable American legislator.


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