Barbwire– There can be no doubt that the Russians are winning the Middle East propaganda war. But it’s not just the Marxist far-left that is willing to believe whatever Vladimir Putin and his mouthpiece Russia Today (RT) are saying. Some conservatives and self-described Tea Party leaders have also accepted the disinformation the Russians are putting out, even to the extent of affirming the Russian president as a Christian statesman leading the global war on terror.

Consider Chuck Baldwin’s piece, “Rootin’ for Putin,” which insists that “Russia’s Vladimir Putin is the only one fighting a Just War in the Middle East right now.” Baldwin, a Christian pastor “dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded,” was the presidential candidate in 2008 of the Constitution Party, a group associated with the late conservative icon Howard Phillips.

It is simply amazing that any conservative would insist that Putin, who, despite dropping the communist label is still allied with Iran, Communist China, North Korea and Cuba, is somehow doing the right thing in Syria, a long-time Soviet/Russian client state.  read more


  1. of course putin’s a thug

    but, in a convoluted middle east full of evil-doers, he stands as a man of action while ours stands on the sidelines

    he rightfully called obama a child

    there is such a well-deserved hatred for obama that he makes putin look good

    americans respect leadership, especially while living in a 7 year vacuum

  2. Russia’s allies are merely business partners. Sure they’re not the nicest people or places to live, Russia is merely filling the vacuum the rest of the World left behind. It’s all about dollars and cents.

    I can’t fault Russia or Putin for maintaining their independence. Putin is a loyal and patriotic leader, unfortunately I can’t say the same for our current president.

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