“Qoobo” May Just Be The Prefect Pet

The perfect comforter, without all the fuse of owning a real animal.  Qoobo, From the Japanese design firm, Yukai Engineering, Inc.

Qoobo is a body with an active tail that can provide reassuring feedback, like it actually enjoys being petted.

They call it the “tailed cushion that heals your heart.”


16 Comments on “Qoobo” May Just Be The Prefect Pet

  1. Yes, do my crotch a solid.

    I imagine a lot of college ‘students’ will be asking Mommy to pay for these safe space pets.

  2. If there is no litter box I could be persuaded.
    Doesn’t hack up fur balls?

    The part they are missing is that they can’t sense your mood and nuzzle you when you’re feeling down.

    Warts and medical bills and shedding and all?
    It’s not even up for discussion.

  3. Tempting when my dog that was just taken outside decides to crap on my expensive rug right in front of me. No need to replicate that behavior.

  4. Right, Cate. The same people who marry pillows, pay to play with cats, take girlfriend dolls on holidays, and are willing to let their culture go down the tubes because they are too self-absorbed to commit to marriage and children.


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