Quadruple Murder Suicide May Have Been Jayme Closs Copycat

I’ve been watching the story develop the last few days, now authorities have released all the names, identified the killer and formulated a motive; a very dark motive.

It seems 33-year-old Ritchie German from the city of Lafayette, WI (a bedroom community of Eau Claire) murdered his mother, brother and nephew over the weekend then drove to the home of a woman identified as 24-year-old Laile Vang. German blasted his way into the Vang home in Lake Hallie (also a bed room community of Eau Claire) killing Lailie and wounding her parents.

Ritchie committed suicide at the Vang home. Police found items in his car suggesting that he intended to abduct Lailie, similar to last October’s kidnapping of Jayme Closs in Barron, WI (about 50 miles up the road from Eau Claire. More


3 Comments on Quadruple Murder Suicide May Have Been Jayme Closs Copycat

  1. Gun control would not have stopped him. Delayed maybe, but not stopped, and the out come could have been much worse.

  2. What state of mind [or out of your mind}
    would have to be to do something like that.
    Folks,we are going to have more-n-more of this.
    Maybe outa place but I will go for it any how.
    Watch some old 1980’s MTV music vids.With just the
    crappy function of my mouse,i can freeze 1 second at a time.Satanic images are in the background of many of these frozen frames.The new vids are much more sophisticated.You can freeze 1 second of the vid.In many of those frames you will see a high speed “flicker” that looks like maybe 10-20 images at high speed that are
    basically subliminal Satanic messages….


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