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Queen Elizabeth Has Died


ueen Elizabeth II, the British royal matriarch and world’s longest-reigning monarch, has died at 96 years old.

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow,” the royal family confirmed in a statement at 6 p.m. U.K. time.This content is imported from twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.


As her eldest son, Prince Charles is the heir to the throne. There has long been speculation that the 73-year-old might decline the role, and pass the crown down to his own first-born, Prince William. However, this is largely unfounded, and not supported by anything said by the Queen or Charles over the years. It’s expected that Prince Charles will take his rightful place on the throne when the time comes. The royal family line of succession continues with Prince William, who is third in line, followed by his first-born child, Prince George of Cambridge. After that comes Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, followed by Prince Louis of Cambridge.

A detailed step-by-step plan is in place, codenamed “Operation London Bridge,” to ensure a seamless transition from monarch to monarch. According to PoliticoCharles will ascend the throne as King Charles III as soon as Queen Elizabeth II’s death is confirmed. The day after, the Ascension Council’s proclamation will confirm succession.

While this plan has yet to be implemented, work has taken place behind the scenes to get everything in order, should the Queen pass away. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, these plans have been in motion since the monarch moved out of Buckingham Palace in March 2022.

“People are a bit more focused on the transition since last autumn, with the Queen’s fluctuating health,” Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, told Page Six. “Unlike [the queen’s father] King George VI, who died quicker than expected and with not a lot of preparation, this is well mapped out and organised.”

And while it was previously understood that Prince Charles didn’t want to live in Buckingham Palace, “it seems to be that it definitely will be the London residence of the sovereign, because it’s the symbol of the British monarchy.”

During recent months, Prince Charles has stepped in to cover some of the Queen’s obligations amid ongoing health matters. In May, Her Majesty pulled out of delivering the Queen’s Speech at the ceremonial State Opening of Parliament due to “episodic mobility issues.”Charles filled in for her, delivering a speech of his own to mark the occasion.

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  1. King Charles? I hope not.

    Poor UK.

    A weakling for PM and a total flake for a monarch. At least they got themselves out of the EU before more damage was done.

  2. Like most Americans, I’ve never understood the attraction or the need for a royal monarchy but I do understand that this is the system the British people have chosen and that there is great mourning going on there for a leader most adored.

    My sympathies to those people, and my hope for an easy transition. The guy replacing her is like an ant standing in the shadow of a giant.

  3. We knew this day would come. The Queen was such a good monarch — she was everything a monarch should be.

    This is a major instance of perhaps the last beacon of times past has, too, passed.

  4. Meanwhile the Queen’s ginger cunt of a grandson is rubbing his hands together gleefully, thinking this will make a great chapter in his memoir.

  5. You mean “Sir” Elton John?

    Give me a break.
    This is what I mean about “royalty.”

    Being knighted is like winning a Nickelodean Award as far as I’m concerned. Why would I care who these horse-toothed jackasses think float on air amongst us?

    The idea of royalty is anti-American. It’s what we fought against. I will not participate in it. I posted the article, but I can give 2 shits about any “Queen.” Disagree if you will, and I respect whatever opinion is held.

  6. She saw a fucton of shit go down in her remarkable life including making it known that she thought Obama was a jerk.

    God speed Elizabeth

  7. Oh, and one other thing.
    Markle is too into carrying that thread of martyrdom for being “black.” It’s complete bullshit. I don’t doubt the royals think of her as an outsider. But’s not because she is African-America, it’s because she is American.

  8. I understand that we in the US do not have a monarchy. I also realize that the UK monarchy is not in line with our republic. Having said that, I do regret that Her Highness has died and I am praying for her family.

    Will Charles be as good of a monarch? Will he be as regal? I doubt it but am willing to see what happens.

  9. Not really much of a Royal watcher, but UK is in great fluidity at the moment. This makes me nervous. As if I don’t have enough making me uneasy at this moment.

  10. Problem now is in the UK NOBODY likes Charles. Tons less care for Camela. Charles should have handed it over to William.
    This could spell THE END for the Monarchy.
    We’ll see…..

  11. Fur, I think the idea of a unifying figure around which a country’s people can point to across time is what the monarchy is at its core. The United Kingdom had Queen Elizabeth and those before her — good and ill. QE2 was a stabilizing influence even without the direct political force of elected office.

    I think this is why the breakdown of the enforcement of law and justice in the U.S. under our own rallying point, the Constitution, makes us feel like defenseless orphans; how the UK must feel with the prospect of feckless Charles and his “consort” waiting in the succession wings.

    My 2 cents.

  12. ^^^ From your lips to God’s ears.

    I’d like to hear from our theologians how royalty fits into Christianity.

    Could be a bit of a revelation, so to speak.

  13. I am Canadian and we also have a constitutional monarchy and will have King Charles III. I think Chicago Ultra MAGA Deplorable is very wrong in their assessment of Charles and Camela. Prince Charles(now King Charles) gained much more respect after the death of Princess Diana. His organic farming beliefs, his creation of the Duchy of Cornwall Farm, his disdain for modern architecture (I am an interior designer and I totally agree with him!). And he did NOT marry Camella until 8 years after the death of Diana. They have now been married 17 years, longer than he was with Diana.

  14. Wait, I thought Queen Elizabeth died today…

    Why is there a lizard wearing a lavender-flowered hat slinking around down here this afternoon?

  15. “Meanwhile the Queen’s ginger cunt of a grandson”
    Should be “Meanwhile the Queen’s ginger grandson and cunt”.

  16. Big Momma?
    Many in the UK still feel what Charles and the Royal family did to Diana was unforgivable and even directly or indirectly lead to her untimely death.
    That being said, Charles is a borish,hypocritical typical leftist elite.
    For example Charles behavior when President Trump visiting the UK was classless and reprehensible.
    On the other hand Queen Elizabeth was fabulously behaved, as a true Royal should be.
    God rest her soul….

  17. a tale from way back: in the mid fifties a bizarre letter arrived at the offices of Mad magazine. the contents:

    “I do not look like him! I do not! I do not!”

    … on royal stationary, from Buckingham Palace. The English mail system lets them trace a letter to a drop box. It was dropped in the box closest to Buckingham Palace.

    now go find a picture of 7 year old Prince Charles, and a picture of Alfred E. Neumann.

  18. There have been a few British monarchs who dedicated their lives to serving and protecting the British people. When you study history some of them were actually heroic. That being said, I have no use for most of them.

  19. Whether or not you like or believe in the institution of monarchy, Elizabeth lived a life committed to duty, to love of her country, and love of the English people. She had a job handed to her, and she fulfilled what was expected of her, to the last moment.

    I admire the depth of her commitment and how she lived her life, and I mourn her passing.

  20. So what happens with the royal twat waffle son who was raping underage girls on Epstein’s island?
    Klimate Knut Kult Charles, oh joy. Brits can prepare for 5 watt bulbs, no heating this winter and a demand for more invaders to the country. He is a loon first class. Let the commoners eat cake.
    The only members of that family that normal and well adjusted are William and Kate.

  21. I worked with some rather well educated
    snarky Limeys before.They hated royalty
    crappola. You best believe the British
    monarchy that comes from the Hapsburg German
    family are the biggest racists on the planet.
    They will NOT have anything to do with “darkies”.

  22. I wonder if she is in heaven? Lot of weird stories about that bloodline. Now they have a “king” who wants us to eat bugs.

  23. God has allowed monarchy on the Earth so that men can see how monarchy functions as a system.
    Also, He has also allowed monarchy on the Earth, to prove sin afflicted, flawed men and their limitations cannot rule without imperfection and error. The kingdoms of this world do not compare to the magnificence of God’s Holy Kingdom of Heaven.
    The Kingdom of God defines monarchy and fits with Christianity -Christ is Lord of of lords and King of kings. Revelation 17:14. This is the ultimate definition of monarchy perfected – for eternity.

  24. Oh boy, Canada now has an activist lefty King an activist lefty governor general and a narcissist asshole bully prime minister. Shit we are in for a ride. R.I.P Queen Elizabeth.

  25. When I heard a noted old British queen had died, I thought they were talking about Elton John.

    But, apparently, he’s still standing.

  26. 99thy Squad Leader — Perfectly put. And we Christians have the added mercy of not being merely subjects (which we are, of course) in God’s eyes, but we are his children, with the love, discipline and benefits accrued to that station under His perfect monarchy.

  27. Britons,

    The great unifying force of your nation is no longer in the seat of power, and in her place now sits a withered old man whom few people like and even fewer want holding such a high position.

    NOW do you understand why we were so pissed in 2020?

  28. pretty sure the old doll bumped off her erstwhile Daughter In Law Diana when she started banging Muslims to keep Islam out of the “royal” bloodline, if not out of Diana herself.

    if so, its the only good thing she ever did.

  29. Queen Elizabeth had a blessed, very prosperous full life. Respectfully in honor of life itself by God’s grace, may she rest in peace.

    However, I absolutely agree with BFH. I will not mourn Queen Elizabeth’s passing. She was a monarch of the British Empire our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to break free from to become independent men in a free nation – The United States of America.

    Sadly most Americans don’t respect or know their own history. They have been convinced by socialists that being American is shameful, unimportant and criminal.
    These evil concepts are supposed by the leftist media, which will weeks from now continue to elevate the British monarchy and subservient subjects over the liberties and freedom they take for granted as American citizens.

  30. Despite some hurt feelings, she was an Ally to America and will be missed. She was my Queen long before Joe was the president. She will be missed. A legacy gone forever.
    God Speed

  31. At 96 she died of too many birthdays. God bless and rest her soul, but I’m really not sure of what exactly she ever did. I really don’t think the royal family has much say about how things are run in jolly old England, especially now with a complete goofball like Charlie as “King” who’s only real ambition in life was to be someone’s tampon!

  32. Does anyone think British citizens will stand by and allow Charles and his ilk to have heating, food, lighting, and live off others while they suffer? Him and Ms Consort are in for a rude awakening – not many are fond of Charles and they will never recognize Ms Consort as their Queen.

  33. I remember the day that Ronald Reagan died and how sad I was. It was not sudden or unexpected, yet when it happened, I was deflated and bummed for the entire day. Then when I saw the video of the thousands of supporters lining the highways as his final motorcade drove by, I wept, and am man enough to admit it.

    No doubt the British people are feeling similar feelings of anguish.

  34. Rich Taylor – I share similar thoughts but I have to say at least Ronald Reagan can point to a few things that turned the tide of history.

  35. She held the door open for the Bolsheviks to attack the filthy Germans, from both sides.


    (And a few sacks of gold. Amen.)

  36. RIP.

    Don’t get the whole Monarchy thing, but there’s a lot I don’t get – like that Obola/Biden/Nazi/Totalitarian adulation thing.

    She didn’t hide during the Blitz – and for that I credit her.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  37. To me the English Monarchy is similar to preserving an old ship in the USA, no more. It’s a symbol of the past, a tourist attraction and valuable monument to what was.

    Long live King George the Turd!

  38. @LocoBlanco

    Imagine if she had held on for 3 more days till Sept. 11. That would have been a conspiracy eruption to rival Mt. St. Helens.

    Not to sound nasty about the queen, whom I respected and liked, without me being a monarchist. I was 4 years old when she first sat on the throne, and I don’t mean the Loo.

  39. @Eugenia

    I too like William and Kate – they seem nice, so far. Kate is a lovely lady and William seems to have all of his ass in place, unlike his knob-nosed red-haired non-royal half-assed brother and his knob-nosed TV actress wife.

  40. I hope the royal family is not so low as to invite fat-ass queer homosexual faggot Elton John to the funeral.

    I may tune in to the funeral just to hear “I Vow To Thee My Country”, a gorgeous hymn based on the Jupiter section of Holst’s “The Planets”. It was played at Churchill’s funeral and Diana’s as well.

    Kathryn Jenkins of Wales sang it beautifully (not at a funeral). See it on You-tube.








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