Queen guitarist Brian May speaks out against ‘wokeness’

He says Queen wouldn’t exist today because it wasn’t ‘diverse enough’.

“I feel very uncomfortable about some of the decisions that are being made, often out of fear,” said the Queen guitarist. “Because people are so afraid of being called out. It is a horrible atmosphere.”

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  1. @ Anonymous NOVEMBER 29, 2021 AT 8:35 PM

    The ONLY way is to ram it straight back down their throats. Illustrate their own personal hypocrisy and enumerate how that defines them not only to you, but to those who engage in the same bull shit. When you are through if the dirty motherfuckers are not left in a puddle of tears they will be back. They think their wokie points gain them cache’ among their fellows, but explain to them how the people they are trying to impress’ only interest is in having others engage in the same so as to join the critical mass of losers that the progressive movement can exploit. The fact they are losers does not escape them, their self mutilation is apparent on the surface, just looking at their looks that accompanies their descent. But the self mutilation of their very souls is also something they are aware of.

    All of the above does not manifest in sympathy from me, pity is more than I have to offer. Indifference to the sufferings they bring on themselves is the best I can do for them. If they want to pick a fight and think they are picking a fight with yet another easy mark who treats them with Christian kindness they have made a bad mistake. I no longer recognize those who engage in their tactics as due any recognition of their humanity whatsoever. Basically, FUCK THEIR FEELINGS. Take it to them and don’t stop while there is anything left.

  2. I will admit, I do like Queen and their music. I did think Freddy Mercury was over the top, but in that era, he had to be.
    Brian May coming out in rejection of wokeness is astounding, and I am happy to see it.

    Another similar note, if you like Queen, I have to point you to the Pentatonix cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. No, it isn’t for everyone, and you may disagree, but what this group does a capella, including a take on the classic guitar riff…

  3. LBS – no doubt, Ms. Nettles does a good rendition. I would still put Mitch as a slight lead, especially his megaphone / guitar


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