Queer Lies About the Straight Guy

A lesbian professor has told the tale about being assaulted by a “redneck” following a Toby Keith concert.

TRN – The man began hurling a rich tapestry of obscene slurs at Poindexter, she told police.

Later that night, the professor said, the same man ambushed her in the parking lot of The Cabin — a local bar. The man thumped Poindexter in the eye, she said, and spat on her.

A shocking and horrific story, which Poindexter backed up by posting a Facebook photo of herself with an nasty black eye, and a description of the two incidents in great detail.


Poindexter then filed “hate crime” charges with local police. Central Michigan University held vigils in support of her, denouncing “homophobia” and even calling on Toby Keith to speak out against his “hateful fan.”

There was only one problem. It wasall a huge lie.

She gave herself the black eye, and made the entire story up.

Poindexter “punched herself in the eye,” according to local police. As TheDC reports:

Poindexter’s story began to unravel when police probed the incident. Investigators sat down with her to review security footage from the bar to identify the man, court documents say. Then, when the investigators informed Poindexter that there was also surveillance footage of the parking lot, she became anxious. She said she was no longer interested in viewing any video which might incriminate her assailant.

Later on, Poindexter admitted to concocting the story about getting punched and spat on.

Poindexter made up the story and cold-cocked herself in her own right eye “because she wanted to raise awareness about the social hardships of people in the LGBTQ+ community,”according to court documents.

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  1. I think the biggest problem with the LBGTQXYZ community is that they are fucking nuts. That person is so craving attention that she punches herself in the eye and files a police report of a hate crime. Bulldyke bitch!

  2. Oldest Trick In The Liberal Playbook:

    I’m being violent, homophobic and racist to prove that YOU (who haven’t done anything) are violent, homophobic and racist.

  3. This “raise awareness” business has become mighty tiresome. My awareness has been raised pretty much all it’s ever going to be. People like this need to understand that I just don’t care about their problems, and in no small measure that’s because their problems are self-inflicted if not imaginary.

  4. She wanted Toby Keith to speak out against his “hateful fan”. Maybe Toby Keith should speak out against this lesbian professor who slanders his fans with false accusations?

  5. See … it COULD be true … and therefore … it MUST be truer than the fact that it isn’t true … y’see?

    This is Queer Logic.

    If something MIGHT be true, and it fits the Queer Narrative, THEN it is MORE TRUE than any REALITY that must need be contrary to the Queer Narrative! Because Objective Reality completely and categorically rejects homosexuality as contrary to the pro-generative process – the replication of the race, so to speak – the natural yearning for immortality.

    Either that, or they’re fucking nuts …

  6. Her attempt to raise awareness has only lowered my willingness to believe the next accusation of a hate crime and that’s too bad for the next person who really is targeted for abuse.

  7. You call that a black eye?
    She could have gone and seen the black guy from the Dirty Harry movie and had him beat the shit out of her for 200 bucks.
    He, at least had a work ethic and could do a good job.
    Next time use a flare gun, you worthless twat.

  8. From the CDC website:

    “Psychotic disorders are characterized by dysregulation of thought processes. In particular, schizophrenia has hallmark symptoms of delusions – which are false beliefs – and hallucinations – which are hearing and/or seeing sensory information which is not actually present and is not apparent to others.”

  9. False flag activism is what she was taught at Activist University, and it’s what she teaches now as a professor…

    “The campus wars are dividing universities between academic departments and activist departments. The activist demands call for embedding activism deeper into the structure of universities with more activist deans, departments and professors dedicated to their agenda. Funding is diverted from education to activism. Activist curriculums become mandatory to recruit more student activists.”


  10. Can she now be ARRESTED, TRIED, FOUND GUILTY, JAILED AND FINED, for filing a false report with the police?
    Can the non-existent man who didn’t assault her, sue her for slander and libel?

    And yeah, all the Special Snowflakes Special Interest Groups have to continue to tell the lies in order to “bring forth the narrative”.
    No, you stoopid bint, all it does is push people away from your 2% cause.
    Play stoopid games, win stoopid prizes.

  11. Prosecution for filing a false police report, firing from her job for unethical behavior, and she should be shunned from all her LBGTQXYZ support groups/by all her LBGT Facebook buddies.

  12. To raise additional awareness she was planning a large funding effort on Go Fund Me.

    Corrected version:
    ‘Poindexter made up the story and cold-cocked herself in her own right eye “because she wanted to raise awareness about the severe mental illness of people in the LGBTQ.’

  13. She has been charged and sentenced. She got off lightly because after her lie was discovered she checked herself in for psychiatric help.
    She’s listed as a former ‘fixed-term’ prof. All her social media has been shut down. I wonder how any free dinners and drinks she got off her fake crap?


    Rednecks everywhere should file a class action civil suit for damages.

  14. A redneck would never hit something like that, even after 12 beers.
    Now, tossing a burlap sack over it’s head and dumping it in the creek is another matter entirely.

  15. Years ago, I worked with a bull dyke who got three good, decent men fired by using false accusations against them. She was eventually fired, but not before she had caused great harm to others. I hate people like her. They are truly evil.

  16. Didn’t realize “Fight Club” was filming a reality show version…is she playing Robert “Bob” Paulson?

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