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Queer Only Talent Contest

White Only Talent Contest! (How’s that sound?)

Wash Exam-

Stevenson University is set to host a highly anticipated talent show next month. The only stipulation, however, is that performers must identify as “queer.”

The talent show is an annual event at the Maryland school, hosted by The Q Group. According The Villager, The Q Group “represents queer students and allies on the Stevenson campus, as they provide a space for individuals to be expressive without judgment.”

In other words, the group’s talent show could easily be perceived as a campus safe space.

Anthony Plaag, Vice President of The Q Group, stated that the club is “open to expanding to other queer artists and performers from the surrounding Baltimore area” but has not commented on if the talent show would be opened up to straight males.


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  1. There are some contest that I am not even remotely interested in. This is one. Our colleges are turning into cesspools.

  2. Probably going to plug the contest with butt sex jokes.

    Plug. Butt. Oh never mind. I’m not into it enough to even care. I’d say
    F-em, but that’s too gay also.

  3. That school started out as Villa Julie College, a Catholic school, in 1947 by the Notre Dame de Namur. It separated from the Catholic organization and that’s when the deviants took over.

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