Quest For Fire Actor Who Required No Makeup Tweets Out Fake Picture in OUTRAGE!!!

Ron Perlman is a dope.

The picture is supposed to show illegal alien children in cages, and we’re supposed to storm the White House.

Turns out it’s a picture from a protest.



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  1. Another Hollywood expert using his vast knowledge to sway pubic opinion.
    Don’t give up your play acting fantasy day job…….you don’t do so well dealing with reality.

  2. I follow Perlman on Twitter so I can constantly remind him what a moron he is. He needs a lot of reminding. He fell for the detention pictures from 2014 too. Even after everyone else figured it out.

  3. MJA
    The two absolute dumbest people I’ve run into on twitter are this guy and Montel Williams. Montel Williams raises the bar pretty damn high.

  4. Of course the leftists would never put the responsibility for children being taken into custody by ICE on the parents who knowingly put them in dangerous, illegal situations where death is a very real possibility.

  5. Such Numbskullery,
    How about this: You can run around looking for crappy things going on in America to flip your lid over and you will not be disappointed.
    The inverse is also true.
    Instead of ‘resist’ how about ‘compromise’ and get a good bit of what you want.

  6. The vermin that put that little kid in the cage to be used as a prop should be arrested for child abuse. The left would go insane if you so much as did that to a bug let alone a little mexican refugee. Unless the little mexican prop was a rental from Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt’s “adopted” child prop closet, then its ok. No matter how great Trump does, the only solution to the left is complete war on every last one of them. They are cancer cells and bacteria that must me completely eradicated with utterly zero consideration, compassion, or forgiveness. Thats the Lord’s job…

  7. It appears that Mr. Perlman is too busy jumping to confusions to investigate obviously skewed information. He has never been accused of being the brightest bulb in the string and true, he needed no make up to play/act in quest for fire.
    Ron missed his greatest opportunity in not auditioning for the GEICO caveman commercials. Perhaps he can make it up by being a stand in for Grayson?

  8. Vietvet, I like how the first three replies hit three main nevertrump tropes right off the bat: (jealous baby, idiot illiterate, and dictator appeaser).

    Fake News parrots hovering over Trump’s twitter all night waiting to pounce. What a sad life to live.

  9. I believe the last time they showed jailed/caged illegal unaccompied children…..

    It was a picture from 0bama’s watch…..not Trump45’s.

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