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  1. and just when the price of gas is so low!

    … it’s like there’s some sort of ’cause & effect’ thing going on … hmmmm

  2. Yes, my wife’s, who won’t go out because of asthma and low immune system.
    Her first time out in three weeks yesterday to go get a coffee at the drive-thru.
    Is safe she asks me?
    Yes, safer than my short freeway drive to work. I think.

  3. Nope. I’ve been burning more gas than normal. Places to go, things to do and people to see. I’ve been ignoring Gov. Dim Bulb’s ‘stay at home order.’ But today, I’m busy at home.

  4. What are they doing about the ‘carpooling’ lanes on the freeway? Legally a single driver can’t be in those lanes, but carpoolers would be in violation of the social distancing thing. So, if you’re going to be legal in those lanes, you will be illegal. Oh, yeah, its california.

  5. I would be out every single day if there was a place to go. I’ve actually been eating more take out than I ever do, just because I’m trying to help local restaurants as much as possible.

    However, what it seems like nobody understands is that it isn’t just restaurants, barbers, hair salons, etc. who are being hurt. Even so called essential businesses outside of grocers are being hurt. Unemployed people who can’t sign up for unemployment because the online registration all across the country is crashing, aren’t spending money. Even those who still have a job aren’t spending money because they’re worried they might not have a job tomorrow. So mechanics, tire shops, service companies, construction companies, house painters, roofers, etc. businesses are coming to a slow crawl. I’ve talked to electricians, HVAC, even plumbers who at first were seeing an increase in business from cleaning all the paper towels out of the sewer lines are slowing down to a crawl. About the only ones who haven’t slowed down that I’ve talked to have been those with contracts with grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies and government.

    Then you have all the crazies out there reporting every time they see someone cough or clear their throat at the grocery store.
    This can’t go on like this much longer.

  6. Nope, my life has been the same, except for not being able to meet a couple of buddies at a brewery or two. Place of work is in aerospace, so we will always be open. Honestly, would have been nice for one week off, so I could get caught up in a few home projects, but not complaining at all since I still have a job and a paycheck.

  7. No-Ethanol 90 octane is now at $2 a gallon. It is usually about $1 more than premium. The next tank with be pure gas.

    A few years back I was told $2.90 was the break even point of adding ethanol at 10% fuel. When it drops below that it cost more in diesel to make a gallon of ethanol and that does not include the cost of seed, fertilizer, or equipment cost.

  8. I’m still trying to locate my old truck in the pollen drifts. Shouldn’t have let it sit for two weeks.

  9. Not me.

    Paid $1.29 today. Maybe two tanks a week right now and if the rain stops for a week, that may go up to three or more. The rain has a bunch of my contracts on hold & piling up. Ground’s too wet to receive chemical and it’s keeping me off roofs.

    But the rain means mosquito season treatments are starting this week here. Now I’m helping to prevent the spread of other diseases. I’m essential even if some gov loser doesn’t know it.

    It’s going to be 12-16 hr days for me when it dries up.

    I’m looking forward to the day the people of America say “Enough! Time for the Govt to shelter in place and leave us alone”.

  10. Years ago on a 1000 mile trip I used ethanol, regular, and premium.
    The miles per “dollar” came out the same. Better fuel – Better mileage.
    Ethanol is about big agribusiness and lobby money in Washington.

  11. There’s a point when we all find out everything we do is “essential” except for 80% of the government. Somehow that’s being kept secret.

  12. since there is no way the carpooling lanes can be legally used, they should pass a law and move the tent cities to the unused lanes.

  13. Why don’t they change the ethanol additive and direct it to hand sanitizers?
    I’ve been getting no alcohol gasoline for mowers.
    Almost 2 years ago we traded in two vehicles for one since we were retired and went together 90+% of the time. Just before Christmas I got a 10 year old kick around car with almost 108000 miles. Great timing. I’ve put on around 400 miles since then and am on second tank of gasoline.

  14. 4 barrel carb.

    8 miles to the gallon.

    However…..I can cover those 8 miles in under 4 minutes.

  15. @Sarthurk APRIL 6, 2020 AT 9:20 PM
    “$3.29 a gallon on the Oregon coast. WTF?”

    I suspect Kate the Rug Muncher snuck in her carbon tax while everyone was distracted. but I can’t prove it.

    What part of the coast? Usually, the closer you get to Florence, the cheaper it gets.


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