Quick Update On The Epstein Matter

The Jeffrey Epstein Case Explodes! – Dan Bongino Show Clips

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  1. Does anyone really believe any of this horsecrap really matters? Yes, Clinton & a bunch of other very, very wealthy, powerful people went around partying & had sex w/ young women & young men (bank on it!) … been going on in ‘the corridors of power’ for a long, long time.
    (break out your King James & look up 2nd Samual 11 or some Matthew 14)

    Like Carlin said, “they got a big club … & we’re not in it!

    The real questions is: what are we going to do about it? …………. NOTHING!!!

    who didn’t know Clinton was a horndog before he was elected? … we certainly knew it afterwards … yet he was elected to a second term …. guess we didn’t have too big a problem w/ it …. same w/ Kennedy, same w/ Obama on the ‘down-low’ … who in Masshole didn’t know Teddy Kennedy was a rat & actually killed a girl? …. the ‘lion of the senate’! Barney Frank, running a gay prostitution ring out of his apartment in D.C. & having the parking tickets fixed? Steny Hoyer kiting checks in the House Banking scheme? Senator Bob Menendez & his hookers & underage boys?

    oh, we’ll sit around, cram the internet w/ our tittering about what a bunch of scumbags our ‘masters’ are & how we’re going to get our pitchforks & storm the Bastille, … but in the long run only minority guys, like Bill Cosby, & a few scapegoats like Stone, Page, Libby get admittance to the Graybar Hotel

    … Black Lives Matter, after all …. lmao at all the hypocrisy … & it gets bigger every day & we keep voting for this shit sandwich….. WE are the ones to blame

    one last note, before I jump off of my soapbox: when PDT gets re-elected the ‘loyal opposition’ is not going to take this lying down … there will be riots in the cities & the ‘burbs … it will be a time for true patriots to rise up & take our country back ….. ammo up! We will be called upon … & needed

    keep your powder dry

  2. As the Japanese would say: Crinton horndog before he erected. Crinton horndog while he erected. Crinton horndog after he erected.


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