Quickly! To your VHS machines!

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  1. I’m waiting for whatever replaces Blu-ray, which will require me to re-buy all my favorite (uncensored) movies, such as those where Humphrey Bogart smokes!!!!

  2. It would be nice to watch a video without the FBI threat at every beginning. I think everybody has gotten the message by now. Delete 30k emails, kill people, sell out your country and get rich is okay. But copy a video and we’ll ruin your life!

  3. We still have a VHS//DVD combo. I finally recycled the H’s Fred II that was 35 or so years old. Problem is I can’t remember what that piece of equipment did for a VHS.
    Finally recycled the VHS and Betamax rewinders. The H is a packrat.

  4. @Brad – I just saw something about 15 great whites and they were warning paddle boarders. I’m a paddle boarder, I’d love to be out there though, trust the sharks a lot further than my liberal friends!

  5. LCD.
    They had a drone or a helicopter over them taking video. One of them looks like an aircraft carrier.

  6. After seeing cassette tapes dominate over 8-tracks, I would have bet the whole she-bang on Betamax dominating VHS. Smaller and better quality.

    I could not tell Betamax was a tape when I replayed it back in the 80s.

    I think that since Sony owned Betamax – it wasn’t going to happen. Ever. No matter how much better it was. One of those times the free market didn’t come into play.

  7. Sony has stopped making Betamax. So, you lose that bet.


    According to Fact, Sony just announced that they will stop producing Betamax tapes in March 2016. Let me run that by you again. Sony is going to stop making Betamax format video tapes. I know, you need to hear it again, don’t you? Because, you know, no one uses that format anymore. The catch here, of course, is that no one has used (or even thought of) Betamax for about, oh, 30 years.


  8. Ted Nougat, you beat me to it!!

    Mattress labels are all coming the hell off right NOW!

  9. OK.
    I saw the demise of 4 tracks, 8 tracks, 45’s, LP’s in general, 1/4″ reels, cassettes, metal cassettes, DAT, VHS, Beta, Laser discs, minidiscs, CDs, DVD audio and a few digital formats. And If I recall, at least 2 different types of Quad. Also a couple species of Dolby, HX etc. Graphic equalizers (straight and parametric) and companders.
    Tube amps, transistor amps, twin-mono separates and so on, ad infinitum. Sansui, Marantz, Phase Linear, (early) SAE, Yamaha, NAD and Denon.
    I will save my quest for acceptable speakers for later, except to mention Klipsch, Polk, AR, and EV electrostatics…
    I used to dub my audiophile LPs directly to tape on a high end turntable w/ B&O MC cartridge and a wet-track on a Sony 7″ deck for home listening. Later I used a Nakamichi cassette deck to make mix tapes. For a while I had a servo-controlled Technics Metal deck w/ mic inputs that served well for live recording.
    …All gone now, but not forgotten.

    The search for flawless sound reproduction is a matter of diminishing returns- one has to spend lots of money for a noticeable improvement. Equipment these days is probably a better value than 20-30 years ago when I was trying to eke out that last bit of frequency response or S/N ratio.
    And the equipment begins to be the goal, rather than the music.
    I will say this, however- my newer DVD player does not sound as good as my old CD player, even though it specs out better.

    I quit buying CDs years ago, probably about 500 in my collection, and maybe 600 LPs which I still listen to from time to time.
    Also nearly a TB on HDD.

    And I’m pretty sure hard drives are doomed…

  10. I still have 3 new in the box Panasonic VCR’s
    Mostly security tapes from my outdoor range.

  11. funny as hell. I saw that yesterday on http://www.ClassicFirearms.com, where they post a funny note every day.

    Today’s quote is “If I were able to make myself invisible, I reckon I would go around beating up mimes”

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