Quiz Show Part Deux- Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Participated in a Rigged Game Show

Move over Charles Van Doren, Olivia Jade Gianulli says “hold my beer.”

Federalist Papers-

It is starting to appear that Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, has not earned anything on her own merit.

Days after the college application scandal broke it has now been revealed that a game show she was on was rigged for her to win, The Daily Mail reported.

Lori Loughlin’s YouTube star daughter is at the center of a second ‘cheating’ episode over allegations that a TV game show she took part in was rigged to let her win, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

Lifestyle vlogger Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, took on fellow influencer Marissa Rachel and singer Rydel Lynch in a 2016 episode of Tap That Awesome App for a now defunct Verizon mobile phone channel.

But when Rachel was declared the winner in front of a live audience she says studio execs mysteriously stepped in and ordered producers to re-shoot the final few questions.

When the trivia contest resumed Rachel and Lynch were under orders not to buzz in with the correct answers, leaving Giannulli to take home first prize, a $5,000 donation to a charity of her choice, it’s alleged.


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  1. Gawd amighty the mother is absolutely insufferable and boorish. I saw a clip of her on the television in the deli a few minutes ago and boy was she ever perpetuating the stereotype

  2. Are you shittin’ me? Hollywood is full of big fat fakers. Well knock me down and steal my teeth, whoda’ ever thunkit?.

  3. I’m glad when I was growing up I knew some really honorable men. I wish they were still here and that I’d been as decent as them.

  4. @rickeyG

    Actually not porn. Unless she’s got a fabulous body. The face? Um. Perhaps a bag or two would help.

  5. @A.Moose March 15, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    When I was growing up I knew some really honorable men. I’m glad they aren’t still here. Old coots’d be makin’ me run around and kill people all night.

  6. A few thoughts:
    – I’m so glad these people were busted and this has all been exposed.
    – They put up their own money to participate in this scheme.
    – A bigger scheme and scandal involving higher-Ed is the Socialist promise of “free education” – paid for with YOUR money and mine.
    – The parents who did this involved their children in a lie. Knowingly and intentionally. I was a youth minister for 23 years and this was something that always shocked me; parents who taught their children to lie in order to get ahead or to get a benefit, on a variety of things, at times for things as meaningless as free movie tickets or pizza. These were people in the church. As a parent and leader, this troubled me greatly. I never want(ed) to set my wife or children up with having to lie and cover-up for something I said or did. If you teach your kids to lie in the “little things,” they’ll lie in the big things.

  7. I can honestly say, she has been an Y-U-G-E influence on my life as How Not to Live a life of Lies, Deceit, Cheating, and Corruption.
    and that’s just the Hollywood part of me saying that.
    dona maka me tella youz bout da biznis ima gunna giva dem ceoZ wit da tun upz dat gonna be comin. badaBooM!


    ⏺ Political debates
    ⏺ “Reality” shows
    ⏺ Sports (Boxing / FIFA / NBA)
    ⏺ Game shows
    ⏺ Award ceremonies
    ⏺ News

    If you didn’t know this already, congratulations, you are the most naive person you know!

  9. Looks like the earning power for this family has peaked and will begin a steep decline. Too bad! My world’s smallest violin is screeching out some racket for these liberal pieces of crap!

  10. Her face still looks like a vinyl sex robot.
    Kinda resembles the RealBotix “Harmony” I bought last year.

    Just sayin’

  11. I think she looks like the creepy ghost lady from that 80’s movie that had Fred Astaire in it…. GHOST STORY.

    Man…that lady scared the crap out of me.

  12. Corruption is the only way idiots like her and AOC and Chelsea and the Obama sisters can hope to attend a reputable collage. Hell, that’s how Obama got in.

  13. These poor girls are who they are because of their no good parents. They were molded into this. They wouldn’t be the young people that they are if it wasn’t for the miserable job their parents did in teaching them right from wrong. This is bad liberal parenting!!

  14. Don’t feel sorry for her. Politics is her next venture. And she’s got gel knee pads for the job(s).

  15. @ Blue Toof

    Aren’t those little mouth and eye motor noises distracting when you’re banging on your ‘bot?

    Asking for a friend.


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