Quiz: What Does Russia Make?

putin with firearm

RFERL: In an interview with the British weekly “The Economist,” U.S. President Barack Obama dismissed Russia as a country that “doesn’t make anything.” But is that really true? Take this quiz and find out.

19 Comments on Quiz: What Does Russia Make?

  1. They make…

    – Spectacular dash cam crash videos

    – Vlad Putin beefcake photos

    – Billionaire crony “capitalists”

    – Huge stinking polluted stretches of land and water

  2. What does OBAMA make?!?! A big steamy dump each morning that immediately gets labeled “HISTORIC!” by the press.
    And the Americans that DO make the wonderful things the world wants get targeted for destruction by Obama.

  3. “They Don’t Make Anything”

    No Barry, that would be us thanks to you and all your globalist pals.
    Check out the price of Titanium these days.

  4. Barry the narcissistic idiot believes no one but him does anything when in reality he’s had very few productive days throughout his entire life.

  5. I got 50 % mostly on weapon stuff, don’t know how. Screwed up the nesting doll and I have one from there. (Gift)

  6. I got 2 or 3 right. I’m no expert. But it was a pleasure proving B Hussain O wrong. Russians do build stuff. Mostly guns, bombs, and planes. BHO just want’s to close everything down and rely on windmills for energy. He’s an asshole!

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