Rabid Leftist Hollywood Actor Stunned To See Guy Shoplifting Right in Front of Him

I am convinced that the people who vote left have no idea what they are voting for. We see this time and time again, seemingly blissfully unaware that it’s their party saying “defund the police,” and handing out no penalty for shoplifting under a certain amount of money.

Do they just pick a side, for no good reason, and then defend it like it’s their football team?

I think so.

And then this stunner-

Yes. Trump’s shit.

I would love to hear him, or any other moron leftist, explain what the “shit” is that needs to be cleaned up.

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  1. I only want to hear the monkey screech when I pay the organ grinder to make him dance.

    Then I want him put back in his cage. And sprayed with water if he insists on screeching. Nobody’s got time for that shit.

  2. I wouldn’t lift so much as a finger to stop anyone stealing from someone who I know votes for Democrats. Just saying.

  3. If he had hit the guy as much as he runs his mouth the thief would have been in intensive care. Needless to say, we know libtards are all bark and no bite.

  4. Can you even call Rappaport a has been? I think not.
    Tough Guy? Must be because of his bulging biceps. Or maybe that powerful frame.
    Rappaports a quick wit. As long as he controls the environment. Not so much out of his echo chamber.

  5. Wow, there appears to be all sorts of scumeaters on twatter, Tacky George notwithstanding.
    Glad I never signed up.

  6. Look at their tweets.

    They claim President Trump ran the country into the ground and that Brandon needs 4-10 years just to “clean up Trump’s mess”.

    They offer no evidence of this.

    They DO prove, however, that they have learned nothing…

  7. SNS – that is what baffles me. How stupid can you be to just blame someone without doing any research? In their tiny minds, CNN is gospel and screw thinking outside the box. Brainwashed assholes.

  8. The reason Rapaport is so upset is because such things were not supposed to happen where he goes. They were only supposed to happen where the ā€œlittle peopleā€ live.

    As SNS said, just what is the stuff that Trump did that needs years to clean up? After all, Biden has already tanked the booming economy, energy independence, low inflation, etc. in just a year.

  9. Well, any good liberal would volunteer to pay for the merchandise for the crook. They always love taking your money to hand out to criminals. No bail, bail out the far worse BLM, and Antifa, never charge them for crimes, legalize shoplifting and theft, turn the worst criminals loose on the street, etc. etc. etc.

  10. Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid….unfortunately.
    He pushes for all this liberal bulloney and now he’s mad about it?

  11. SNS

    “They offer no evidence of this.”

    That’s not what they do. There’s not a lot of intellect going on with Libtards. But they do know if they repeat it enough times it becomes a fact. That’s all they have. That’s why they will not engage into an argument. Facts are an inconvenient pain in the ass.

  12. “I wouldnā€™t lift so much as a finger to stop anyone stealing from someone who I know votes for Democrats. Just saying.” -JDHasty

    That sounds like me muttering at insane drivers, “Well, I won’t be stopping to help YOU out of a ditch!”

  13. I’m sure they’re out there…some where.

    That is whites, filling bags full of merch and blowing out the door.

  14. I’m surprised that the mob has not come for him yet. He was in a movie called “Beautiful Girls”, the character that he portrayed was the most sexist, misogynistic, sexual harasser, pervert ever. Timothy Hutton wasn’t any better, he was lusting for a 13 year old girl. The icing on the cake was that Rosie O’Donnell was in it, as well. Says it all.

  15. He wanted this crap. He voted democrat. Now he should enjoy what he voted for and just pray they don’t come to his house.
    What an idiot.

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