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Race Baiters Rush to Fill N-word Response Void

White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnst gave the lamest of replies when confronted by Fox News White House correspondent, Kevin Corke, on the President using a racial slur recently in an interview for an online podcast.

But no fear, the usual race-baiting subjects picked up the word and did their best to insert themselves into the news cycle yesterday.

Early out of the blocks was Cornell West calling Obama “the first “niggerized” president.”

Then there’s Don Lemon on CNN demonstrating to the world that he knows how to spell an offending word. But Don forgot about Twitter and opened himself up to some classic mockery.



26 Comments on Race Baiters Rush to Fill N-word Response Void

  1. The left owns the media….the media with run interference.

  2. Actually, the word “nigger” has never bothered me.

    Neither has “uighur.”

    Neither has “cracker.”

    Neither has “honkey.”

    I have more important things to concern me –

    like: did the geese shit in their pool?

    or: is there enough air outside?

  3. Like my black neighbor says, if they don’t like being referred to as NIGGERS they should stop acting like niggers! (see previous post)

  4. Hey Big Fur Hat, photoshop Mohammad on that chalk board…that’ll offend some people!

  5. We have Obongo lecturing us constantly about what a racist country this is, so he goes on some basement podcast and glibly lets that slip off his forked tongue. Negro, please.

    What a classy guy. The US presidency has never been so continually desecrated.

  6. If the President of the United States can say “nigger”, and it’s acceptable, then it’s now an acceptable word for everyone. I would still rather not use it, but now if someone is denigrating me and my Scots/Irish heritage with words like redneck, hillbilly, and cracker (all of which were originally insults directed at the Scots/Irish), then I’m free to use words like nigger, spic, gook, chink, polock, kraut, hunky, lascar, wog, wop, dago, etc., etc., and I won’t be committing some sort of faux pas. That’s sure nice to know.

  7. Someone who is light-skinned with no negro dialect who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy should NOT be able to get away with saying nigger.

  8. @Miss Conduct… slang for Indian (from India), probably French in origin and borrowed as slang by the Brits.

  9. FYI, here’s a great little website that will assist you in insulting just about any race or nationality you can think of. It’s called the Racial Slur Database, and they even have
    a “Racial Slur Of The Day”. Today’s is
    “Lava Nigger” (Hawaiians):



  10. Obama was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. He probably never heard the word “nigger” or used it, in his young uneventful life. But once he caught on to the ” racist crutch”; once he learned about the benefits of being a “victim”, once he learned how to become a community agitator, he never let up. And he never will.

    When there is no crisis, he will create one. There are so many examples of his hateful, spiteful rhetoric, from Greenwich to Staten Island, I will not waste my time with them here.

    He is evil personified. And he talks like a punk, not a Statesman.

  11. His one magnificent accomplishment to date is restoring the old, dying, vile word, “nigger,” to it’s rightful place in the English language lexicon, for use by ignoranuses.

    (My apologies to Mark Twain)

  12. Don’t you know it’s OK to use the “n word” if you are one.

  13. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, the word, “nigger” is a denotation of attitude – not color.

    It’s the attitude that someone or somebody owes them something requiring nothing productive on their part, and if they can’t obtain it through legislation, they’ll just steal it outright from somebody who earned it for themselves.

    …..and we let them do it because we don’t possess the morality to say “NO, I’m not giving in to your bullshit”.

    This country is a pubic hair away from reaching critical mass, but nobody gives a shit.

    We deserve everything that’s coming our way, and we deserve to have it shoved not down our throat; but straight up our asses.

  14. Just as White Trash is not offensive. Unless you are white and trash, in which case the truth is offensive. I don’t know why it’s nigger and not black trash, that’s maybe where the hang up is?

  15. But black men can’t run……unless it’s from ‘responsibility’.

    Oh, SNAP!!!!

    Too racist? Too soon? 😉

  16. The “0” word is much more offensive. [0bama]
    Stop saying “0bama”! Start saying “Impeach 0bama”! The race-baiter in chief.

  17. Well, now nobody can accuse lemon of never being honest once!

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