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Rachel Carson – Crackpot Embraced By Rich Environmentalist Paranoids Still Having Detrimental Impact On Us

You will see pictures of Rachel Carson next to microscopes, implying that she is a learned scientist in the field she became most notorious for – pesticides. It’s subterfuge. Carson was an editor of a nature magazine. She dabbled in marine biology.

When she published her book, Silent Spring, she knew as much about pesticides as could be provided by reading the transcripts of a lawsuit that was in progress,  filed by rich and famous people who knew as much as Carson did. Nothing.

The plaintiffs were friends of Carson’s- the daughter of Dr. Spock, the son of Teddy Roosevelt, the daughter of J.P. Morgan – they all were bird watchers on Long Island and were concerned with DDT spraying that controlled mosquitoes and Dutch Elm disease.

With their money, they bought experts to testify on their behalf that DDT was a poison that would kill everyone. These experts were mostly socialists that used pesticides as a symbol of capitalistic evil and greed. The science, we now know, was flawed.

During the trial, Carson was asked to join the lawsuit as a plaintiff’s witness, after all, she was a “scientist,” who had a book about DDT ready to be published.

And so, the myth of Carson as an expert in the field of pesticides was launched, when in reality she was just an agenda-driven activist.

We’ve been paying the price ever since –

The Suicide of the West – From “Silent Spring” to Zika.

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  1. I attended a small Ohio technical college in the mid-70s in a naturalist technology. One of the first authors the instructors cited was Carson. Silent spring my ass.

    Alas, as an avid birdwatcher, many of the species I used to view are few and far between. I blame feral cats.

    As for the schooling, I still ended up burning coal as a career and loving it.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Whenever i mention this story to almost anyone, they look at my like I’m nuts. The vast majority of people don’t know this.

  3. Between abortion and the banning of DDT which kills mosquito borne diseases to the third world, the leftists are directly responsible for millions of deaths, notorious mention there embrace of communist tyrants with massive body counts of their own through execution and starvation.

    The left is evil and cruel.

    Try that with your leftist friends the next time they put up an anti Trump tantrum

    Ask them why they are so cruel to the helpless and disadvantaged?

  4. How many of you rode your bikes behind the DDT mosquito fogger?? Yeah, that was fun and only Progressives think I’m nuts.

  5. As much as I didn’t like Dixie Lee Ray’s politics as Governor of the State Of Wash. in the 1970’s she was one hell of a scientist and was the head of the Atomic Energy Agency at one time and wasn’t afraid to call a lot of stuff bs, especially globull warming. She didn’t believe a lot of the politically correct mumbo jumbo regarding junk science and wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion which pissed off a lot of libtard true believers in junk science.

  6. Perhaps ddt was applied without proper knowledge as to application early on, which may have been deleterious overall it was a very useful pesticide that saved many lives until the left turned it into a crusade. The result was widespread malaria and dengue fever and other hemorrhagic diseases.

  7. She’s the tip of the socialist-pseudo-scientific iceberg.
    Lysenko was the first in a long line.

    Anthropogenic Globaloney Warming is the culmination.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. @ geoff the aardvark and flower guy

    Hey, thanks for bringing up Dixie Lee Ray. I read her books years ago. Now I have to hunt them down, hope I still have them, and re-read.

  9. @tim

    Culmination? Oh no. The left is cancer. You might deter and slow them down. But they reformulate and start munching away again.

  10. Permit me to shed a little light on the role of DDT and the local bird population.

    When DDT successfully eliminated inspects, both flying and crawling, the birds left that area for rural and untreated areas to feed on insects.

    Carson convinced a gullible public that DDT killed the birds, when in reality they had simply migrated for food.

    Yoo-hoo, Rachel-bitch-in-Hell, did you ever see scores of DEAD birds in DDT areas? No? You’re the one who should have been SILENT. 🙁

  11. Carson was the figurehead of a movement that killed millions of poor people world-wide.

    I’ll be forever grateful for the late Dixie Lee Ray for being one of the first well-known and respected person to blow the whistle on phony environmentalism being used to mask authoritarian collectivism. She co-authored two books in the early 90s, Trashing the Planet: How Science Can Help Us Deal With Acid Rain, Depletion of the Ozone, and Nuclear Waste (Among Other Things) (Mar 1992), and Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? (Mar 15, 1993) with Lou Guzzo.

    She was a remarkable woman. She had an academic and practical scientific career, served on the Atomic Energy Commission (appointed by Nixon), was a senior bureaucrat under Ford, then left DC to run for Governor of Washington. She was in office when Mt. St. Helens blew, then retired in 1980. If you haven’t looked into her interesting life, it is worth your while.

  12. @ : ~ Stanford University made the claim that DDT broke down egg thickness in Pelicans, because of it’s chlorinated hydrocarbons broke down the shells http://web.stanford.edu/group/stanfordbirds/text/essays/DDT_and_Birds.html … sorry, no date
    but, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fed large doses of DDT to captive bald eagles for 112 days and concluded that “DDT residues encountered by eagles in the environment would not adversely affect eagles or their eggs,”
    & actual studies of the ‘studies’ concluded that they used calcium-depleted diets that adversely affected egg shell thickness … duh!

    Rachel Carson & all her followers … crackpots

  13. you are all a bunch of DENIERS……i used to run behind the DDT foggers, and THEN i fell off my skate board and chipped my front tooth……

    and you want to tell me DDT is safe…..HAH!!!

  14. Years ago the local morning radio talk show asked people to recommend guest to be interviewed. I recommended Dixie Lee Ray. Dang, I was pleased when she was on the show a month later. She was a hit.

  15. I’m surprised that the Klan
    hasn’t erected a statue of her.
    She has killed many times
    more black people than
    Margaret Sanger of Planned

  16. I remember seeing/reading about the initial DDT studies, where people were given it (pounds of it?) to EAT. Poked and probed and examined them after, no ill effects or harm.

  17. Marine Biology?!? That’s the SCIENCE-LITE(tm) of scienticians everywhere.

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