Rachel Maddow OVERTLY LIES About DeSantis and Disgustingly Smears Him as a Nazi Sympathizer – IOTW Report

Rachel Maddow OVERTLY LIES About DeSantis and Disgustingly Smears Him as a Nazi Sympathizer

Drop dead, Rachel, and I mean that. You are vile. What you did here, cutting off DeSantis’ answer, only to tell your asshole audience (who won’t look for the truth) an absolute falsehood, is despicable.

DeSantis didn’t condemn the Nazis? Really —>

17 Comments on Rachel Maddow OVERTLY LIES About DeSantis and Disgustingly Smears Him as a Nazi Sympathizer

  1. Goebbels lives!

    One day, Rachel will look back at her/his broadcasts in her/his older years and, hopefully disappear from our consciousness from shame and regret. If not, she/he will remain forever a brown shirt thug the rest of her/his life.

  2. It seems every time a motion to condemn anti-Semitism comes up in congress all the democrats squeal.

    This condescending cunt would never mention that.
    I hope some lesbo strangles the bitch in a fit of passion…

  3. She’s disgusting. Did anyone of you every read her books? I did: she’s a fucking ignoramus!!!!!!!!!!!!! All attitude and nothing else.

    Kind of like Kamala Harris, who got by on her bitch-act (and nothing else) for years (and fucking Willie Brown, who protected her).

    These are hollow minds, who can be bought off rather cheaply.

  4. What’s wrong with these people? I’m finding that they are more and more triggered when I walk around grocery stores, the gym, etc. and chant LET’S GO BRANDON! Seriously deranged, still, always.

  5. People who are twisted in one way are often twisted in others. That is to say, if a person has one obvious mental defect that person often has others. To put it more plainly, an individual so mentally damaged as to pursue a primary species survival function in a way that is completely contrary to species survival is very likely to suffer many other mental defects.

  6. She’s a lying cunt. Obviously the word has been sent out that DeSantis is to get the Trump treatment. Expect the usual for the leading GOP contenders.

    Anyone that falls for this garbage is probably current on their boosters and won’t be around in Nov/24.

  7. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. If you ever decided to climb out of your cess-pit, maybe you can get a job as an ass-wiper in the diarrhea ward. That’s all you’re qualified to do.

  8. Job as a booth swabber in the quarter peep show. Oh look, someome left me a tip, sqwiiiiissshhhhh.. I’ll TAKE it!!

  9. So the long version, the in context version, is Presidential hopeful DeSantis holds The Bill of Rights in as much contempt as Presidential hopefuls Clinton and Harris.

    Come on 2024!

  10. The fact remains that Rachel Maddow is a known racist and pro-segregationist and like Joe Biden, uses other people to cover up her twisted creeds.

    WHITE people are the ones being maligned, discriminated against, attacked, murdered. How about a law ending HATE DIRECTED AT WHITES?
    EVERYONE else is s Federally Protected Species .White… still fair game.


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